How to stop weekend overeating


We have found that the weekend trap of overeating is a major setback to many of our members.

Can you relate?

In his Facebook Live video, Elan shared his tips and tricks that helped him get through a jam packed weekend of social engagements – all involving food.

For easy reference (if you don’t have the time to watch it all now) have a look at the timings of each topic below:

  • Underestimating calories in food (4.30)
  • Elan’s topics, tips and tricks (6.15)
  • Flexibility over the week. Allow small indulgences to counterbalance over restriction (6.50)
  • Avoiding the “screw it” mentality and focusing on the Rule of ONE (8.25)
  • Getting smart about alcohol and liquid calories (10.40)
  • Being mindful of restaurant meals (15.03)
  • General strategy including planning, anticipation, fasting and exercise (18.49)
  • Identifying challenges and solutions and then picking your battles. Elan’s practical example from his weekend (21.50)
  • Environment design for the weekend (29.35)
  • Easy convenient go-to foods (31.10)
  • 1% better rule (32.50)
  • Sharing (35.00)
  • Weighing yourself (37.45)
  • Cheat days (40.35)

Looking for more info? Eric has written a great post about the causes of weekend overeating and how to overcome them. You can find it here.