[Event] ‘Save the Oceans’ Sleekgeek and adidas Beach Cleanup

If you recall earlier this year in June which was “World Oceans Month” Sleekgeek teamed up with adidas globally to support the Parley Ocean Plastic Project to help end marine plastic pollution. 
We were very proud that Sleekgeek had 150 of our runners sign up to contribute and together we logged 6,156 km which effectively equated to a donation from adidas of $6,156 which is the Rand equivalent of R81,386 to the Parley Ocean Plastic Project
So we decided we wanted to build on that success and do something active in the community. 
We called up our friends at adidas and at Cape Town Beach Cleanup and decided to jointly host an event! 

Event: Milnerton Beach, 1 December 

Save the Oceans’ Sleekgeek and adidas Beach Cleanup in partnership with Cape Town Beach Cleanup.

For 90 mins we are going to collect rubbish on the beach and award spot prizes on the day for your efforts.
This is a perfect opportunity to get the entire family involved!
On the day:
– Cape Town Beach Cleanup will have a gazebo setup on the beach at the lighthouse.
– We will have a table with water, bags, gloves and hand sanitiser available.
– After a short safety briefing we will head off and do the cleanup.
– Prizes for the most collected!

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