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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

Yvette Dawson down 18kgs and not done yet!

Where do I begin….

I was a very active kid, I started BMX racing at the age of four. My feet could hardly touch the ground, but I was hooked. It was something we did as a family, Sundays was race day.

Of course there weren’t many girls.  In my teens my nickname was “Superwoman” known for my well build legs and body. This was all due to my BMX career. I gave up my BMX career in grade 7.

I got hurt quiet badly and just couldn’t get over my fear.

At school I was very sport and played 1st team netball. Took up swimming too.  Even in High School my friends would be discovering make up and I would be playing touch rugby with the boys in the park…. I was such a tomboy.

At college I enjoyed playing netball. My life changed having my first son at the age of nineteen. He became my everything. After my first pregnancy my body bounced back almost immediately. I didn’t have to change the way I ate or work out.  I noticed I started gaining weight when I was about 23yrs old. All I had to do was cut out certain foods and I dropped the kilos.

Gained 22kgs

I gave birth to my second son at the age of 24yrs. I gained 22kgs during my pregnancy.

My son had a stroke at birth and suffered with epilepsy. The doctors were not sure what the outcome would be in the beginning. The first couple of months I spend taking him to physiotherapy and monitoring him. I completely forgot about myself, which I think is normal under those conditions.    Let me just say. He has turned out to be an amazing kid. He does well in soccer and achieves great marks in academics. The months of therapy and sacrifice paid off.

I lost some of my pregnancy weight but  struggled to lose the last 8kgs. I joined “Weighless” and lost 3kgs but could not get myself motivated to lose the rest.

We then moved to the West Coast. I slowly started picking up weight, not even realising it.  I honestly did not see the weight gain. I also stopped weighing myself. I was generally a size 34 pants and a medium top.

Eventually I was buying size 40 pants and they were starting to get tight around the waist. My tops became x-large. Yet I was still in denial. I still couldn’t see it.  Even cutting my toenails became hard.

I was extremely lonely on the West Coast, even though we had family. I got into the habit of eating everything on the bed while watching TV.

It was Christmas our Cape town family were down and photos were taken. I looked at myself in the photos and did not recognise the person at all. When did I become her? I got onto the scale for the first time in 3 years and weighted 93kgs. I weighed 75kgs when moving to the West Coast 3 years prior.

From being so fit and sporty to becoming someone that eats all the time and doesn’t get off the bed.

It was not long after we had to move back to Cape Town my youngest had to attend a school that could cater for his need.  This is when life started changing, I slowly started losing weight and becoming active.

I joined the gym, started off like a beast  in 2014 and then got lazy. In 2015 the weight and bad eating started up again.

2015 I was getting dizzy a lot and just not feeling great. The doctor mentioned if I don’t change my lifestyle I was heading for Diabetes. It was then that everything changed. I started watching what I ate and started gyming on a regular basis. I dropped some kilo’s down from 93kgs to 83kgs.

I struggle every day and battle with my eating. I’m constantly giving myself a pep talk.

I go to gym a minimum of 3 times a week, eat healthy during the week and have one day off on the weekends.

Thank you Sleekgeek Challenge.

The real change happened when doing the Sleekgeek 8-Week Winter Challenge. I realised I have the willpower to change into the person I was years ago.

In the end I weighed 75.3kgs and was stronger and fitter than ever.

I’m not done with my transformation but know I will never go back to the girl eating and watch TV from my bed. Thank you to Elan and the Sleekgeek team for always keeping me motivated.

My top 5 Tips:

  1.       Drink more water and eat smaller portions.
  2.       Don’t become obsessed, DONT stop family time because you needing to get to the gym. Work around it.
  3.       Weight training, fall in love with it….  It will change your body in ways you could never imagine.
  4.       Don’t compare your transformation to someone else’s. Work on your own goals.
  5.       Never give up: slow progress is still progress


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