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Welcoming Sylvia Frank on board as a Coach

I am super excited to welcome Sylvia Frank on board to the Sleekgeek Coaching team. She certified this week and is officially taking on private clients.

(Find out how to work with Sylvia at the bottom) 

I love the story of our relationship with Sylvia so far because I believe that great leaders create leaders. We try to do that in the community and this is a wonderful example of it in action. 

Sylvia started as a client

Sylvia joined the Sleekgeek Coaching Program as a client in July 2016 with our first ever intake of private clients.

At the time she innocently thought the first month’s payment was for the year. When she told me that she had misunderstood and was heartbroken that she had to stop the coaching I could not bring myself to let her go. 

(If you did not know Sylvia has dedicated her life to raising abandoned children who she spends her life fund raising for at Sylvia’s House.)

I decided that Sylvia gives so much selflessly to the world that I would pay her back by coaching her one-on-one for 12 months pro bono. 

Completing her coaching in July 2017 and losing 19kgs over that year she was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was a shaky start with her fighting herself but ultimately we made the breakthroughs she needed to change her life. 

Sylvia achieved a phenomenal transformation mentally, physically and emotionally as a result. 

She developed from an inactive hardly visible community member into an inspirational leader in the community. Sylvia lives and breathes the habits, lessons and principles that we teach. Using them she has maintained and improved since then. 

When she lost enough weight to be able to qualify to skydive she invited me to jump out of an aeroplane to celebrate! We did! Another example of her bravery and courage in action. 

Sylvia is an awesome human being. We love to work with exceptional people at SG.

The next step.. a coaching internship at Sleekgeek

She was so inspired by how our system had changed her life that she expressed an interest to get involved on a deeper level and become a coach. 

In May this year Sleekgeek offered her an opportunity to join the team and intern with us while she gets certified as a Precision Nutrition coach.

Over this period Sylvia has been diligent and a keen learner under our mentorship. We are very picky about who we work with and maintain high standards at Sleekgeek. 

Proving herself

She has proved herself to us. One example is taking on Mona Whittaker and Rebecca Michel as a pro bono clients the past few months.

We asked Mona what she thought about working with Sylvia and she gave us a glowing recommendation: 

“She is fantastic!! I am learning so much and I use the principals every day. She is always available when I am stuck or struggling to get past myself.

Because she has walked the walk she has a very deep understanding of the obstacles we place in our own way. Clients who get her as a coach will never look back.” 

Rebecca said: 

“Sylvia is like your best friend, your teacher, your parent and your life coach all rolled into one. She is dynamite and sun flowers.

When required Sylvia knows just how to push you harder and  encourage when needed. If you want results in your life, to really make changes, Sylvia is your person. She is simply the best!”

Our Sleekgeek Head Coach Eric Chowles had this to say: 

“Sylvia has been an invaluable part of the Sleekgeek Coaching Program, first as a client and then as an intern coach.

She is incredibly brave in the way that she puts herself out there, relentlessly chases her goals, and shares her progress to inspire others. She manages to effortlessly connect with clients and contributes something truly unique to the Sleekgeek Coaching Team.

I’m super excited to now have her on board in a full official capacity. She has truly earned her position as a coach through consistently walking the walk, being a quick learner, and studying her certification diligently.

Welcome aboard!” 

Sylvia certified 

This week we are proud to let you know that she certified with Precision Nutrition (a highly respected global nutrition coaching business) whose system we teach at Sleekgeek. 

Work one-on-one with Sylvia 

Sylvia is now taking on a handful of private clients as one of our coaches and you could be one of her first. 

Space will be limited so act fast. 

If you would like to chat to Sylvia about taking you on then her private one-on-one rate will be R999 per month and you can contact her via help@sleekgeek.co.za or sylvia@sleekgeek.co.za to chat to her about it. 

We are very proud of you Sylvia and wish you much success! 

Elan and Eric. 

Find out more about our coaching at www.sleekgeek.co.za/coach


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