Eric’s AMA [Ask Me Anything]

Erics AMA

We’re busy testing a new potential format for Sleekgeek’s Transformation Tuesday success stories and we’re planning to use me (Eric) as a guinea pig for them.

I made a post on Monday to field questions for me (and future success stories) to answer in the Transformation Tuesday post.

I ended up getting some reaaaaally awesome questions!

But, we had a slight change of plans at the last minute and decided to feature Wendy’s incredible success story instead.

I felt a bit bad for promising a feature from me (which I WILL still do for NEXT week Tuesday) but I thought in the mean time let me go ahead and answer some of the questions in a live video.

Video and public speaking are quite out of my comfort zone so I was a bit rocky at the start, but got into a comfortable groove and ended up REALLY enjoying it!

For those who want to get to know me a bit better and some of the questions I answered, here’s the video below (or click here if the video does not show up below):

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