Shaun King overcomes injury to regain his health


Bloemfontein Sleekgeek Shaun King played competitive rugby and after injury lost his way. He shares his story on finding his way back to a healthy lifestyle in his own words.

As a child I used to be quite active; I played rugby since I can remember up until high school. Therefore, I never had a problem with my health and weight. As a student I continued playing rugby and never really had to worry about what I ate, because I was very active and had a fast metabolism. 


My weight gain started after I suffered an ankle injury. Unfortunately, this was also the time I had to go for the final round of trials to join the Griffons rugby union to play in the Currie cup. I wasn’t able to do any physical activity for 6months. As a result, I fell into a period of depression. I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of confidence. This had such a negative impact on my self-esteem and my happiness as a whole. 

Taking responsibility

I was in denial for a long time. BUT THEN… my journey officially started when I realised that I have to take responsibility and make huge changes. The number on the scale was so high and it was shocking. 

From January 2018 I made the decision to take ownership of my life. I started jogging 3 times a week for the 1st month. In February I noticed that I’m not getting the results I wanted so I consulted a dietician. My family supported me so much by also adopting healthy eating habits.

In the 1st month, with the help of the dietician, I lost 5kg. This motivated me to start training more aggressively. Therefore, I began incorporating weight training and increased my cardio. Eventually I managed to run 5km comfortably and my time improved to a personal best of 31min. My abs also became visible again.


Lifestyle change

Sticking to a strict diet is very difficult for me personally so I’ve learned that it’s all about making healthy choices. Throughout this whole process I’ve learned that just going on a diet will not benefit you in the long run. It’s about changing your lifestyle and taking on a holistic approach which includes making healthy eating choices, training smart, and most importantly changing your mindset and having a positive attitude. 

Starting this journey, I just expected to lose weight and get fitter. But I’ve gained confidence and I’m much happier.

The most valuable tip I can give to the Sleekgeek community is

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself
  • Enjoy the process
  • Celebrate every goal reached
  • Get enough sleep
  • Be as active as possible
  • Drink enough water
  • Stay disciplined.

Since starting my journey in January I’ve lost 16kg thus far.

My goal is to lose another 3kg. Once I’ve reached this goal I will be the same weight as I was when I played competitive rugby. 


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