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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

Mandy Jubber sheds 23kgs and maintains for 2 years

From childhood, I have always been a skinny girl…but that came from not eating. I didn’t do much sports at school, played a little hockey and that was about it. After leaving school and the comfort of home my life changed.

Food, social life and day to day activities changed. I was a travelling rep and it was easy to buy take out. On the road, always away from home, junk food was “easy”. Any form of workout was the furthest from my mind. My husband now and I went overseas for 3 years and had a jol. Drinking, eating and partying. What a life it was and that was when my weight decided to sky rocket.

It wasn’t easy for me because I was always the skinny one in the family…and now I wasn’t. My family was shocked and often made fun of me.

I had my first child at age 27 in 2012. I picked up a whopping 22kg because hey, pies and steri stumpies was the crave of the century. After giving birth I maybe lost 10kg of that but that was it. I thought it was easier to buy bigger clothes then eating salads and walking or gymming. I then had my second baby in 2014 and picked up 15kg. That left me at 78kg.

Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge was the turning point

My friend Kerry introduced me to the Sleekgeek Facebook Group. Yes, it was nice seeing everyone lose weight and seeing everyone’s transformation. But in the back of my mind, I said I could never do that. I don’t finish anything that I start so why bother.

She then paid and signed me up for the Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge. I was excited and nervous. I was excited because maybe I could do it and nervous because what if I couldn’t and she paid that money for nothing.

I chatted to my husband and colleagues and they all supported me. They knew I had an unhealthy relationship with chocolates and sweets. To the point where I could eat 3 slabs in one day no problem.

The first week wasn’t easy. I won’t lie. When you think that if you buy a chocolate and no one sees you its ok. The cravings were bad. Water was evil and the headaches were BAD. But I kept thinking, “Kerry paid this money chick…you better do this!”

By week three, my attitude changed. My clothes were fitting better, I was loving the “new” food choices, water was a routine (to the point I would choose it over anything). That was when it changed from “Kerry paid” to you doing this for you.

You feeling better, you laughing more, you have energy. Your skin is glowing, you day seems brighter. My husband liked the new me. The happier me. It changed from I need to lose weight to just loving the journey. It became my new addiction. Chocolates were the last thing I wanted. Each post on the Sleekgeek Facebook Group motivated me. Every like made me want to do this…BUT FOR ME.

I followed the Sleekgeek Reboot while on the 8-Week Challenge. All I did was run as I couldn’t afford gym. But just those 2 choices made me feel as I could do this and finish it. After the 8 weeks, man, I was on top of the world. I did it…for me. I did it for a happier, healthier and sexier me ☺

It’s been 2 years and I kept my weight the same.

Yes, still ate a chocolate every now and then, but I can’t even finish 1 slab now. Bread makes me feel bloated. My food choices are so much healthier now because it is in my blood.

Sleekgeek is in my blood, mind and heart. I could never go back to how it was before. I emotionally and physically changed. I walk taller and more confident. I have even excelled in my job because I boost confidence now. I give it my all now!

My husband and I have joined the gym, bought Garmin watches and now we in this for the long run!

Any tips that I can give…


  1. You must mentally, physically, emotionally make this decision. Give it your all.
  2. When you feel like you want to give up…DON’T! You are better and stronger than this.
  3. Prepare yourself and meal prep. Makes things a little easier. Junk food is easier to prepare and to buy. No quick meals!
  4. I kept trying on an old pair of jeans. That was my goal…fit into these damn jeans. And today…they waaaaay too big for me
  5. Explain to your family, friends and colleagues your reasons for doing this. Your fears, your struggles. They will understand and support you!


Sleekgeek has changed my life. And I am forever grateful. Not only for my eating habits, but for a sexier happier ass kicking person I am today!

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