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Johanni Smit beats her PCOS to lose weight

So this is my story….

I used to be a “skinny malinky” in school and super active. And then it all went to pits when I hit the prepubescent teen phase of my life. I…got… FAT. No amount of being active would help me to lose weight. But being young and somewhat uneducated I still ate like I always did –  bread, sugar and sweets etc. – You know, the devil’s groceries!

I got older and it got worse. And then I saw the light… sort of.

Between 2007 to around 2009 I managed to drop 40kgs and I looked good.

Then… it all came back. I cried.


I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and with that I had insulin resistance –  fun times (not!)

There are a few of us ladies who have this issue. And “omfw”… does it make it difficult to lose weight! If only the sugar I ate could turn into the energy I needed and not the fat cells currently stuck to me like poop on a woolly blanket… I’d have been sexy.. now I’m just “seksie op seksie”.

Anyway… so in December 2017.. I weighed my heaviest..(I am too shy to say how much)  and I was also sick with a stupid stomach issue.

As always – New Year’s Resolutions here we come.

I saw a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with EOE (I’m not typing it out.. coz people will report me for swearing) and got told… “go see a dietitian”.

(FYI – Eosinophilic (ee-uh-sin-uh-fil-ik) oesophagi’s (EoE) is a recognised chronic allergic/immune condition. A person with EoE will have inflammation of the oesophagus.)

I only got to see a proper one in April 2018 but before that between January up April I managed to lose a few kilograms on my own.

With the help of one seriously amazing dietitian I dropped a whole 15kgs from January until now over the past 7 months.

And no… I don’t work myself like a slave in the gym –  my victories all came from the kitchen.

It’s definitely true when they say – 80% kitchen 20% active lifestyle.

I still have a few more to go and I’m pushing for a further 15kgs but will see what it looks like when I’ve dropped another 5 or even 10 more.

I can tell you it’s not easy at first… never is. But once you start seeing results and you see the kilos drop… your motivation kicks in.. your want…your need to improve yourself and show everyone what you are capable of becomes a beacon of hope .. and that’s when it becomes easy and fun.

You will have times where you are demotivated.. stumbling blocks on the road to a new amazing you. Learning curves that will teach and show you what you’re truly made of. And this… this is when you become an inspiration to the people who are where you were so many months ago… Rome was never built in a day.

Never give up. And when you feel you’re going to.. just remember.. we’ve all been there or still am and we’re all in it with you.  

My personal top 5 tips

  • Don’t delay in using a nutritionist,dietitian or lifestyle coach. This is pivotal to succeeding in your long-term goals of losing weight and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    I used to believe it’s a waste of time and money… And I was so wrong! There are days I wish I joined Sleekgeek sooner and went to see my dietitian just as soon. Oh the victories I could have had by now. Alas… it is NEVER too late to make changes! Healthy, conscious choices.. that’s where the magic starts!  [View Sleekgeek Nutrition coaching options here]

  • Don’t be afraid to go gym, to use the weights sections (unfortunately… this is something I need to get over, but it’s difficult for me)Irrational fears will put a damper on your progress. Have self discipline and push your boundaries as far as you are comfortable with. Set goals and achieve them… NO… SMASH them!If you don’t know what to do, ask and you shall receive information and advice.Never be scared to ask! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), resistance training and restorative cardio is a must. People with Insulin resistance needs the resistance training to help convert the insulin into energy before it gets stored into fat as our bodies have insufficient mechanisms to assist with this process.


  • Personally I don’t deviate from a set eating plan (bare in mind.. this is my top 5 tips in shedding kilograms and I know what happens when I get off the trail.) Stick to a nutritional, healthy and all round fulfilling eating plan.There is NO such thing as a diet, because diets have time limits on them, your health does not, well in some manner. You know what I mean.If you’re going to treat yourself with something yummy, do it but don’t treat yourself with something that’s not worthy! And keep it in moderation. Too much of a yummy thing is never good for you. Except avocados… hahaha.Being a woman with PCOS with added insulin resistance I try to stick to a very strict non dairy (except butter and occasional milk…and cheese). I stay away from red meats, sadly the stuff they pump into the animals have a tendency to go sit in the animal’s fatty tissue and this plays havoc on my hormones. So its chicken and fish (saying this in an air hostess voice) and sometimes pork (no fat!) venison/game meat is allowed. Seeds! Lots of them for all those essential oils and naturally yumminess. Vegetables… oh my hat. I have never in my life had soooo much veggies like I have in the past few months. Luckily I love veggies. 

    Low carb eating is also a preferred method of weight loss for women with PCOS. This will sound peculiar. Stay away from plastic products that contain BPAs (lunch tin containers where you your prepped meals go into).


  • Get a support team. Get involved on the Sleekgeek Facebook Group. Support is a must. Everyone needs that friend or two they can depend on when your plans didn’t pan out.They’re key motivators and no one can do this on their own. There have been times that I honestly wanted to just quit. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I met great people along my journey and they’re there for me just as much as I’m there for them. It’s also a good thing to have an extremely supportive dietitian. Mine has been there with me the whole time.


  • And lastly… stay true to yourself, to your goals, wants and needs. Your health!

Stay motivated – even when life throws you with a truck of lemons and you feel like you’re just stuck and not getting anywhere. Because.. how will you motivate others if you lost your VA-VA VOOM?

The SleekGeek Motto comes to mind…RESPECT, UPLIFT and INSPIRE.


Disclaimer: Please note that when we feature personal stories we allow community members to tell their story verbatim. Any advise or specific detail is merely the experience of the person and should not be viewed as accurate nutritional or medical advice. 

For the official Sleekgeek guides on nutrition please click here

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