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Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge Winners – New Year 2018

We are thrilled to release the winners of New Year 2018 Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge! This was our 20th Sleekgeek challenge to date (we do 3 per year).

Our Winter 2018 Challenge sales open Friday the 18th of May, 2018, right here!

Once again, each of our challengers worked incredibly hard to achieve impressive results throughout their 8-week challenge period and our judges really had their work cut out for them to come up with our top winners.

Here are some quick stats:

  • We had 365 Sleekgeek Challengers submit their final results, losing a total of 1,719kgs.
  • They lost an average of 4.7kgs per person.
  • The top 50 Sleekgeek Challengers lost a total of 616.1kgs.
  • The top 50 Sleekgeek Challengers lost an average of 12.32kgs per person.

Great job Sleeks! You guys and girls knocked it out of the park!

You can see a full Top 50 Weight Loss Chart towards the bottom of this results page.

All of those who submitted final results are that much closer to their goals – isn’t it time that you gave it a go?

So, a huge round of applause to our top 20 challengers who walk away with awesome prizes (pictured below) as well as bragging rights in our latest challenge! And, of course, a massive thanks to our awesome prize sponsors!

There are 5 winners in each of the 4 categories:

Judging process

A quick reminder that we have 4 categories to ensure fair competition: Men’s transformation, women’s transformation, men’s weight loss, and women’s weight loss.

Transformation is judged by our independent panel of judges via an audited voting process.  The Transformation category is determined by who the judges believed had to do the most work to get from ‘Before’ to ‘After.’

Weight loss is judged purely by kilograms lost based on before and after measurements submitted and confirmed by before and after photos (which include a photo of their measurement on the scale).

Note: We are changing the way that weight loss is judged for our next Winter 2018 Challenge. You can read more about that here.

Sleekgeek and its staff are not involved in the final decision-making and we accept the judges’ decisions as final.


Tara Ashleigh, 1st Place Women’s Transformation

Chantal Saunders, 2nd Place Women’s Transformation

Isabella Potgieter, 3rd Place Women’s Transformation

Hermien Elago, 4th Place Women’s Transformation

Kim Harvey, 5th Place Women’s Transformation

Runners Up / Honourable Mentions:

Ane Alberts, Carla Pohl, Carla van Vuuren, Danielle Steenkamp, Eta Idongo-Antindi, Fiona Classen, Genevieve Francisco, and Janine van Aardt.


Richard Lovett, 1st Place Men’s Transformation

Grant Gibson, 2nd Place Men’s Transformation

Christiaan Du Plessis, 3rd Place Men’s Transformation

Alex Shiells, 4th Place Men’s Transformation

Quinton Candiotes, 5th Place Men’s Transformation

Runners Up / Honourable Mentions:

Craig Stuart, Darren Hanes, Henco Meintjes, Mick Waters, Seann Louw, and Stephen Oakes.


Stefanie Van Eeden, 1st Place Women’s Weight Loss
(lost 30.8kgs)

Ciska Cornelius-Rossouw, 2nd Place Women’s Weight Loss
(lost 30.5kgs)

Christelle Parsons, 3rd Place Women’s Weight Loss
(lost 27.2kgs)

Nicole Solomon, 4th Place Women’s Weight Loss
(lost 18.5kgs)

Faheeza Rangunwala, 5th Place Women’s Weight Loss
(lost 18.3kgs)

Runners Up / Honourable Mentions:

Rahldeyah Esack, Chere Pretorius, Chantelle Beyers, Tebogo Lekalakala, and Jacqueline Buser.


Werner Morris, 1st Place Men’s Weight Loss
(lost 21kgs)

Meyer Du Plessis, 2nd Place Men’s Weight Loss
(lost 20.6kgs)

Shaun Matthews, 3rd Place Men’s Weight Loss
(lost 16.6kgs)

Craig Stuart, 4th Place Men’s Weight Loss
(lost 10.4kgs)

Fergus Pyne, 5th Place Men’s Weight Loss
(lost 10.2kgs)

Runners Up / Honourable Mentions:

Alex Shiells, Oliver Wills, Andries Potgieter, Philip Nel, and Warren Vosloo.


Meyer Du Plessis and Christiaan Du Plessis win our Buddy Challenge for achieving the highest combined ranking by coming 2nd in Men’s Weightloss and 3rd in Men’s Transformation respectively.

Honourable mentions to Ciska Cornelius-Rossou and Nicole Solomon as well as Christelle Parsons and Isabella Potgieter.

They win a R10,000 shopping voucher from adidas to share!


Werner Morris and Faheeza Rangunwala win our Couple Challenge for achieving the highest combined ranking by coming 1st in Men’s Weightloss and 5th in Women’s Weightloss respectively.

Honourable mention to Meyer du Plessis and Carla Pohl.

They win a Full-Day Pamper for 2 at Mangwanani African Spa, R5,000 cash, and a couple’s photoshoot worth R2,500 to share!


Well done to our top 50 weight loss finishers!

We had 365 Sleekgeek Challengers submit their final results, losing a total of 1,719kgs and an average of 4.7kgs per person!

Our top 50 Sleekgeek Challengers lost a total of 616.1kgs and an average of 12.32kgs per person!


Jenny Murray is the winner of our spirit award!

This award goes to the person who was the most active and encouraging during the challenge in our Facebook Group.

She wins 6 Months of Sleekgeek Healthy Habit Group Coaching!

 Honourable mentions to Hilla Jonker, Hoosne Parker, Jasmine Harris, Mona Whitaker, Natalie Lazarus, and Sylvia Frank.


As a fun extra, we encourage challengers to form teams with people they have never met before. Teams range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 members.

How is the winning team judged?

We use a formula that takes into account the following:

  • Average weight-loss of team members.
  • Percentage of team members who finish the challenge
  • Bonus points for team members who make it into the “top 10” of the Transformation category.

Team Capital Squad Goalcrushers lead by Jasmine Harris lost a total of 81.5kgs with an average weight loss of 4.8kgs per person.

They had an 85% completion rate and they got a bonus point for their team member Quinton Candiotes placing 5th in Men’s Transformation.

Honourable mentions to Team #gotguts and Team Belly Busters.

The winning team leader gets R2,500 for their efforts, and all of the winning team members receive a Sleekgeek Diary and Sleekgeek Cap.

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