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Aseza loses 78kgs in 18 months with Sleekgeek!

My name is Aseza Felicia May, born and bred in Port Elizabeth. I now reside in Gauteng Province and am a medical technologist by profession. I’m a mother to two boys aged 24 and 5yrs.

I have lost 78 kg’s in 18  months! I now wear size 34 from size 46.

Life can’t get better than this!

I’ve always been the biggest- in the class, family, friends ,work … just everywhere – and believed that’s how I was meant to be. I never enjoyed my childhood was called “sdudla” everywhere I went. Called “ma oldlady” by  people who were 10 yrs or more older than me.

In primary , high school and even University I was never involved in any activities. I had difficulty in making friends and was shy.

I comforted myself with food all the time when I was sad. When celebrating it was again bad choices of food once again.

I was introduced to Sleekgeek Team Asijiki (The Sleekgeek Xhosa community) in April 2016 then later joined the main english speaking Group at Sleekgeek Health Revolution.  I took my time reading the REBOOT files changing my mind set and putting ACTION to them.

Slowly I started cutting bread from 4 slices to 2, sugar from 4tsp to 3tsp until I eventually stopped. I managed to lose +40kgs in a year, successfully completed 5 versions (months) of the Sleekgeek REBOOT with SG Team Asijiki. There were days that I wanted to give up with the scale not moving at all. The scale is indeed a LIAR! – I rather used clothes or tape measure to check my progress.

I’ve tried all diet plans, slimming pills, diet shakes- Yes, I would lose but didn’t know how to maintain and would end up gaining 3 times the weight I had lost all over again.

Before I found Sleekgeek I used to have back pains, swollen feet, was about to start blood pressure treatment had low self esteem and hated the way I looked. Life was hard. Get dressed,  climbing stairs and tying shoe laces was a mission.

Look at me now!

High blood pressure is gone! Tiredness gone! Confidence is sky high!

I wear heels, take endless selfies and my skin is glowing. I’m  light & beautiful- I LOVE MYSELF!!!

I enjoy playing soccer with my 5 year old son as well as hide and seek and ice- skating.

Sleekgeek restored my HEALTH & LIFE!

I eat 2-3 meals a day consisting of mostly green vegetables, fat and protein.

Breakfast- eggs, bacon, avocado ,cucumber and tomato.

Lunch- smoothies (raw spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger , pear/Apple.)

Supper- steamed broccoli/cauliflower, cabbage and meat.

Snack – biltong, raw nuts and fruits.

I drink black sugarless coffee, rooibos, green tea and water, water, water and water – about 3l a day.

I ended up being so creative in the kitchen, I became a chef in my own kitchen! You have to play with your food/ be creative so that you don’t easily get bored with your meals. You make them interesting and presentable. When eating out I try to make better choices- asking the waiter/ waitress about the oils used for example and ask for better choices all the time.


To avoid temptations I prepare my food and freeze “#yiba ne PLAN#” (according to the plan).

I make sure that I’m full before going shopping and always carry a bottle of water, water & more water… if I take longer with shopping and become hungry- I snack on biltong, fruit and drink water

I surprised myself with my exercising.

I signed up for a gym membership in August 2016. I managed to do things I never thought I could, attending gym 3x a week. Walks turned to jogging and I bought a skipping rope/ home DVDs for the days I could not go to the gym. Skipping is the most difficult exercise to me. I still can’t reach 500, lol!

Exercising is so addictive- I love and ENJOY it!!!

Last year I entered the Sleekgeek Team Asijki 8-Week Challenge and became the 1st runner up losing 21kgs in 8 weeks. I wanted to motivate/ inspire my community and show them that it’s them that it’s hard but DOABLE!!

There’s no one born big-boned – that’s a myth!!! Rate of obesity is increasing daily in our community and it’s time we take control and leave a healthier lifestyle.

With the challenge, you become disciplined and challenge yourself to do better daily. The support from the whatsapp group keeps you motivated and the weekly motivating emails from Team Asijiki co-founder Coach Alakhe (Carol Gajana) are the BEST –  Thank you Coach, much appreciated!

My personal advice to anyone is:

  1. Never give up.
  2. Push yourself. You will be amazed of what your body can do.
  3. Don’t let your mind control you! Love yourself enough to know you are worthy of change.
  4. Discipline, determination, dedication, consistency will definitely pay off in the end.
  5. Never doubt yourself, do your best and stay focused!

2017  was the BEST YEAR of my life! I won the JHB Sleekgeek dinner ticket and met Sleekgeek founders Elan & Eric as well as made new Sleekgeek friends who became family.

I thank the Lord for giving me the strength, my family for the support and love – but mostly I thank myself for loving myself enough to know that I’m worth the change.



I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL! #Sleekgeek For Life!  


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