Sleekgeek Online Workshop – How to be More Consistent

How to be more consistent workshop

Hey Sleeks, I’m super excited for Elan and my (Eric) first Live Video Workshop tomorrow night!

📢 We’re taking our top strategies from Sleekgeek’s 12-Month Coaching Program (worth R17,988 for the full year) and workshopping them with YOU for free!

Our upcoming workshop is all about “HOW TO BE MORE CONSISTENT”.

This is an important topic for us because our coaching program is practice-based (or habit-based).

If you want to be a pianist, you have to get good at playing the piano, right? Well, you do that by practicing…

Likewise, in our Coaching Program (and in this Live Video Workshop), we help you to break down your goals into specific skills.

Then, we help you to develop those skills through intentional daily (consistent) actions.

You will learn:

✅ How to be more consistent.

✅ How to become a wine drinker, or how to stop drinking so much damn wine all the time (it’s up to you, knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility).

✅ How to know what you should be focusing on.

✅ How to get better and more confident at doing something.

✅ How to actually know if you’re being more consistent or not.

✅ How to navigate a messy life and the less-than-ideal conditions that WILL appear.

✅ How to easily get started, keep going, and re-start if need be.

✅ and much more!

See you there!


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