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Saint Sylvia’s adidas spoil experience

This week we did something awesome. We celebrated an awesome community member. The incredible Sylvia Frank. Her and the community were captivated with anticipation of our ‘big surprise’. The suspense was killing everyone until we finally revealed it and it was a smash hit. Could not be a more deserving soul! 

Sylvia’s House

Let’s start with a little context.

Sylvia is a saint. She may deny it but it is true. Sylvia created https://sylviashouse.co.za/ 

What is Sylvia’s house? In a nutshell… 

“My home has been open to abandoned, hurt and abused children – and fostered 80 since since 1998. Our family oriented home is based in Gordon’s Bay. We function as an established family unit, built on trust and glued together with love and good communication, we practice faith in all that is good and kind and we educate, uplift and inspire growth and development within each other.

Everybody needs a mom. Everybody needs a soft place to fall, a solid education and a firm foundation to rely on.

Presently we are a vibrant and explosive family of 11, brought together by life’s circumstances, but held together by choice, love and lots of understanding. The family members here right now have been together for many years, some came here after being abandoned at birth and some came here as little children after being removed from unhealthy situations.

We focus heavily on a good foundation of moral and spiritual growth and healing. A good education is paramount.” 

Sylvia’s Transformation

Not only has Sylvia sacrificed her life to help these children but she has undergone a massive health transformation and become an incredible and respected inspirer and leader in the Sleekgeek community. 

Sylvia signed up for Sleekgeek Private coaching with our leader Elan and did not realise the fee was monthly thinking it was a once off. But we looked at the wonderful work Sylvia does to help the world and give so we wanted to give something back. So Elan decided to coach her using our Precision Nutrition (PN) system for 12 months. 

Sylvia had a massive physical and mental transformation.

(If you are interested you can watch a video testimonial where we interviewed her about that here

The story needs updating but you can read her personal story of how she lost the first 48kgs here

We did not ask anything in return but without asking her has paid us back by become a leader in the community and sharing the inspiration with others.

Sylvia stepped up to lead an 8-Week Challenge team. She is part of the Facebook Group moderator team and posts/responds regularly on the group to give back the love to SG. 

She is also working hard to pass health on to her children and has set up a gym in their garage at home for the kids to workout. 

So we wanted to show her the love and our appreciation. There could not be someone more deserving. 

We noticed when Sylvia posts training photos that she does not have workout gear to train in because she is constantly putting the kids first. 

So this week we wanted to put Sylvia first. 

Sylvia’s surprise 

We decided to give her a spoil and spend R3,000 on her at the adidas store spoiling her with tights, bras and tops. We also wanted to get her the latest and greatest – so we took her to shop the adidas latest bra and tight range in their “Beyond the Comfort Zone Campaign” 

After coaching Sylvia and seeing how she has going beyond her comfort zone in so many ways this was extremely fitting! 

So Eric, his girlfriend Savannah and I hopped in the car, drove to Gordon’s Bay over an hour away and fetched Sylvia to whisk her off to the adidas store at Canal Walk. 

When we arrived we sat her down for a quick interview where we found out more about her and her work. 


Let’s go shopping at adidas!

Next up the shopping spree to spoil this amazing human!


Pictures speak 1,000 words

We arrived at Canal and thanks to our friends at adidas we had an absolute ball trying on bras and tights from the “Beyond the Comfort Zone” range. (You can browse the range online here or in store) 

Sylvia left absolutely delighted with a bag full of goods. She can finally train in style with quality fitness apparel designed for movement. 

#adidaswomen #neverdone

Back home and it’s a wrap

We returned home with one super stoked Sylvia and this is what she had to say. 



The day after our shopping spree Sylvia made this powerful post. We are very proud of her! Sylvia was very self conscious about her body.. but NO MORE!!! 



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