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Sleekgeek Samaritans: Challenge fund

Sleekgeek Samaritans.

At Sleekgeek we have people constantly asking if they can sponsor entry into our 8-Week Challenge for other members who are in financial difficulty.

The generosity of the community is amazing. Since we have a constant request about people can be helped we decided to create a vehicle that is a win/win for everybody. 

Sponsors win because they are doing something to help others progress with their help. Recipients win with the opportunity to participate in a premium quality product that gets results and Sleekgeek wins because the sustainability of Sleekgeek is dependent on the 8-week challenge as our key income source. 

In today’s economic climate with many single income families in the community we see that there are many people who cannot afford the opportunity.

We have decided to create a “lottery pool” for community members in need.

The system will have accountability mechanisms in place and all money sponsored will be used to give people the opportunity to make change in their lives.

If you wish to contribute to the fund it is a great way to give back to the community because the funds will be utilised to

1) Help someone on their journey.

2) Help Sleekgeek to remain sustainable and available to everyone

Sleekgeek is also going to contribute R100 off our Full price of R599 in the spirit of giving back.

We will use the price point of R499 per 8-Week Challenge entry ticket for this program.

Every R499 we receive we will issue another give-way into the lottery pool.

These are 2 simple ways you can contribute:


  1. Donate a ticket to a specific person. (Process = EFT us and send us the person’s name and email address to help@sleekgeek.co.za – if you want it to be anonymous we can facilitate that too. 
  2. Contribute to the free ticket pool lottery. Min R100 to a Maximum of no limit.

For example if you donate R100 that will cover 1/4 of an entry.

If you donate R1,000 that will sponsor 2 entries.

R10,000 will sponsor 200 entries.

How can you contribute?

We will be managing this process via Manual EFT.

Please make transfer to the bank:

Account name:Sleekgeek South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Bank:Investec Bank Limited

Branch name:100 Grayston Drive

Branch code:580105

Current account number:10011763195

1) Send us a proof of payment to help@sleekgeek.co.za with your NAME  as the payment reference.

2) Please also send us an additional email to help@sleekgeek.co.za with your contact details and a note saying that you have made a payment into the pool. Include any special instructions if you want to sponsor a specific person.

Any questions at all to help@sleekgeek.co.za 

How will community members apply for relief?

We will create an anonymous sign up list for people who testify that they are in genuine financial need to add their details. There is of course a degree of trust we will afford people here.

If you want to be put on that list you can do so by completing the form at the bottom of this page. 

This list in anonymous and will not be published in public.  We will protect your privacy. 

When will be entries be issued?

Each Friday of the challenge we will do a draw with the number of sponsored tickets available and distribute those entries.

Add your name to the list 

If you are GENUINE financial need then please add your name to the list below. We are relying on your honesty and integrity. Being in need does not mean that you would rather spend your money on other luxuries. It means that you are struggling to make ends meet and entering the challenge is just not possible. 

This list in anonymous and will not be published in public.  We will protect your privacy. 

When you complete this form you will also be added to the Sleekgeek weekly newsletter. 

If you are a lucky recipient of an entry you will be informed. 

Oops! We could not locate your form.

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