The Sleekgeek Mod Squad!

Sleekgeek Mod Squad

I’m super excited to welcome a whole team of Sleekgeek moderators, called the “Mod Squad”, to help Elan and I (Eric) run the Sleekgeek community!

At the time of this appointment there are almost 75,000 members in the main Sleekgeek Health Revolution Facebook Group as well as another 230,000+ members throughout the numerous other more niche Sleekgeek Facebook Groups.

Reaching out for some help has been long overdue and we are super excited to give more leadership over to the Sleekgeek community itself.

We posted in the group asking if people thought that having a team of moderators would be helpful to the community and there was a unanimous agreement that it would be valuable. We then engaged the community on the qualities they thought we should be looking for. 

As part of the Sleekgeek Mod Squad, these chosen Sleekgeeks will be playing critical roles far beyond just being moderators who help us keep things under control.

They will be community managers, leaders, mediators, welcomers, analysts, problem solvers, idea generators, content creators, and of course, true Sleekgeek Inspirers as well as so much more.

The team is there to make sure that Sleekgeek is always an Awesome place to be and that our Code of Respect, Uplift, Inspire is upheld at all times. Sleekgeek is a safe place to freely share your journey without judgement and we intend to keep it that way. 

If you frequent the Sleekgeek Health Revolution Facebook Group then I’m sure that you will recognise many, if not all, of the faces below. However, keep in mind that being a part of the Sleekgeek Mod Squad is not a popularity contest. More than anything, they were chosen for their long-standing history with Sleekgeek as well as their temperaments, reliability, and availability.

Alakhe Carol Gajana

Coach A of Team Asijiki, Carol Gajana. Thrive to be the best version of yourself! Kubooooo!!

Anthea Julius-Combrinck

Hi I’m Anthea, mother of a 5 year old boy love of my life and my biggest supporter. I’m an admin clerk for an international freight forwarding company. I love living life to the fullest, taking chances is my middle name. Cos “if you not living on the edge you taking up too much space”

Goolam Vallee 

Hello everyone. I’m Goolam from Pretoria. I take care of my mum,sister and her kids. I work in the insurance industry. Used to be inactive and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. One day I had difficulty tying my shoelace! That’s when I decided to to make the effort to get more active. I live by the words of Gandhi “be the change you want to see in the world”

Bontle Buhle Mtshali

Hi I’m Buhle Bontle Buhle Mtshali otherwise known as Bonts. KZN feisty fearless and fabulous leader. If I’m not doing some fitness shenanigans you will find me kicking some ass in the boardroom or at home goofing around with my number one cheerleader aka my loving daughter. My +2year journey with Sleekgeek has been mostly finding my balance between Gym, Work and Home. Doing the best I can to keep fit and strong and inspire other Sleeks. Many single mothers always ask me how I get it all done. My moto is 1. You will never have enough time if you don’t make the time. 2. If the going gets tough… Dala what you must.

Dave Rademan

Hey, I’m Dave. Some of you know me as #DeadDave. Husband, father and all ’round nice guy. I love going to gym, but still trying to sort out my focus on nutrition #thestruggleisreal. My motto: It is you vs you, and don’t you forget that.

Dominique Warr

I’m Dom (or Dombie, or Domski, or Dominique if we are going to be serious), most of you know me already – for those that don’t, I used to work full time for SG and I’m still 100% part of the community. Sometimes I’m in gym clothes creating low carb masterpieces, sometimes I’m in my fat pants eating cheesecake, either way I’m always learning and trying to improve.


Jasmine Harris

Hey everyone. I’m Jasmine from Cape Town, aka Kaapse Koekie, a single mother of a 16 year old daughter. I’m an account clerk at a Geotechnical Engineering company with branches all over the world. My new motto is “Committed to making the rest of my life, the best of my life.” SG is my happy place where it’s the norm to inspire like wildfire

Leandi Fontini Gibson

Hi I’m Leandi, mother to one Cheeky little dachshund. I love to live for moments and I have a bit of a warped sense of humour. Dragon boat paddling and waddling aka running is my choice of badassery at the moment. Reboot is my speciality. And coffee is life! My mantra: There’s a badass adventure freak in everyone of us, find it, and live life like you have never done before!

Leftknee Clarke

Hi, I’m Les. I’m married to the gorgeous Sonet, and I have 2 great step kids. Health wise my journey is more of a social wellness than anything else. SG has certainly helped me in this. I like to say “How hard can it be?”. This normally happens just before we get told to do burpees near a lava pit…

Megan Sian Burdett

Hello everyone! I’m Megan, a single mom to two . I live in Cape Town and I am a Diamond Grader. When I’m not staring at diamonds I’m shaping myself into one. I like long walks on the beach and burpees (gasp). My mantra is “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

Mick Waters

Hi, I’m Mick, originally from Grahamstown, now Cape Town. Father of 2 crazy boys and married to Lara. I love the outdoors, running, fishing, camping, cycling, hiking etc and love weight training. I used to be fat, 126kg, but now I’m not 😊 Banter for life #PoweredByFat

Melissa Thomas

Hey, I’m Melissa. Mum of two, wife of one, and unintentional Paleo-ish (heavy on the ish sometimes 😉) enthusiast and blogger. Constantly seeking balance in life; and experimenting with and developing healthy and delicious recipes that are accessible to all. My motto: ‘find yourself, and be that’ ✌️💕

Natalie Lazarus

Hi I’m Natalie, mother of 3 gorgeous boys. I love inspiring others by living a healthier, better life. My motto is: if you want something you’ve had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Raquel Floris

Hi, I’m Raquel Floris, mother and fitness enthusiast. I enjoy Pilates and weight training. When I’m not working out, I like going to theatre and being outdoors with my son. Motto: Believe in yourself and you can do anything.

Sylvia Frank

Hi. I’m Sylvia, founder of an NPO “Sylvia’s House fostercare” home and mom to 10 teenagers. I have come a long way with SG! 60kgs off, fitter, happier and stronger as a whole. My mantra: “Overcome your fears before they become your limits.”