Sleekgeek Mid-Year Dinners – 3 Cities, 3 Nights!


We’re so excited to be hosting 2017’s first Sleekgeek dinners! Elan, Eric & Meg will be doing a mini road trip around South Africa, visiting Jo’burg, Durban and coming back home to Cape Town from Tuesday 27 June to Thursday 29 June for 3 nights of inspiration and fun.

Each night, we’ll be joined by inspirational Sleeks who will be sharing their stories of how they’ve transformed their lives through health & fitness. Team SG HQ will also be chatting about building habits and how powerful habits can be in improving your life and health.

There will also be loads of time to hang out with fellow Sleeks, eat great food, take selfies and enjoy the night. 

If you’re keen to book your dinner tickets, you can do so here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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