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Malebo’s Focus Helped Her Lose 12kg!

How It Began

I had a fun filled childhood playing outside the dusty streets. I used to play ladies soccer from primary to high school and when I was in grade 10, I started playing  netball until I was in Matric. I participated well in sports and did a few cross country school marathons. In 2006, I moved to Port Elizabeth where I lost track of anything called physical activity. I gained 15 kg in just 1 year from 65 – 80kg. In 2007, I joined Virgin Active and that’s when I started taking care of my health. I didn’t ever see 65kg again but managed to lose 7kg’s and was hanging around 73 kg’s, and at that time I was within my BMI, until 2012. I had my son 2013 and post birth I went to a size 38 from 36. When my son was 2 months I gained weight in just 1 month and went to a size 40/42 at 89kg plus, probably.

At 89kg plus I had knee and back problems, didn’t like my big clothes so I didn’t buy much. I would have funds exhausted from my medical cover due to physiotherapy consultations and that was very frustrating. I didn’t like the “continental pillow” I became as I recall my aunt jokingly saying so, (she meant well,  no offense was taken) but that meant I needed to do something about my weight.

The Change

I started small by doing a 14 days no sugar no carbs diet which helped me lose about 3 kg. I also started doing ParkRun and some home exercises including minimal gym routine. I then learnt of Sleekgeek. Attempted a Reboot and failed to complete it but I was on and off the wagon. It eventually became manageable. I told myself I would maintain moderate to occasional intense training and eat about 60% right, exercise 20% and allow myself about the 20% for treats. And because I maintained that routine I did pretty well losing weight steadily.

I had support from Sleekgeek and I was also a part of a Whatsapp group called BBOF (Bring back our figure) which I administrated. So, these groups kept me in check and really supported me in form of tips and just daily motivation. I met Raksha Misthry and Tammy du Plessis whom each have contributed to my journey amazingly so. The amazing KZN Sleek Ladies for all the races we have done together and my family for always having to deal with me eating less at events and always talking about my body like I was talking about food.

I have learnt not to judge people or call them fat because I don’t know what they are dealing with. I have learnt to be more kind and willing to help the next person achieve their inner strength. I eat controlled portions and keep in mind that everything I do its for my benefit and not to please anyone

When I started wearing my 2012 wardrobe I felt like I had arrived even though I knew I still had to continue working hard. I have done several 10km races, few hiking trails and one of them was a 20km mountain hike.
I confidently lift weights with understanding that it will not make me less of a woman but will give me strength and definition

It was a challenge not having money to buy the weekly food supplies to keep me on the go, I would sometimes lose 3 kg in 2 weeks and gain 2kg in another week. Not being able to participate in some races (this would make me sad and I would go for that red velvet cake) & the most challenging moment was when I had to make a choice in terms of career direction – being self employed and I just stopped exercising and eating well. And yes, I gained about 7kg’s back which I tackled late last year to get where I am.

I am confident not that it was a concern before but I became more self reliant. I have more energy and am now more enthusiastic about life, business and building good relationships. I didn’t fully think I would make it to my pre-baby body but I did and even worse my tummy is more flat than it was before baby.

My Tips:
1.Take it easy, don’t be harsh on yourself.
2.Learn from people who are doing it right and keep away from negative surroundings.
3. Always keep fruits or nuts for hunger emergencies.
4. Do not be discouraged when you back slide, rise up and warrior on.
5. Never skip your meals and drink warm water before meals or after meals. (With lemon, much better!)

Remember the journey is personal, so set your goals and don’t shift focus. If you are easily shaken, the journey will be frustrating and you will not pay attention to the progress you are making.

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