Bianca’s Journey to Losing 28kg!


I’m 30 years old and I’ve lost 28kg and still counting. It all started when I was going to high school. I’ve always just loved eating nice things and sweets, but it’s just gotten worse over time. I used to be an emotional eater; when I had to deal with stress I would eat junk to make me feel better.

As a kid I was always fat. My brother always had a lot to say about my weight. My mom, on the other hand always just wanted to help me. She’s the one that tells me you can do it and only you. So over the years I become bigger and I just started to hate myself for the way I looked until one day on our family holiday.

It was February 2016 – I had it with my body. I didn’t even feel like swimming, I was too ashamed of myself and just then – why can’t you change your life? Someone at work introduced me to Sleekgeek and just then I knew what I had to do. It took me a year to lose 28kg.

And I’m a totally different person! I joined the gym, told my mom and family I had enough of feeling ugly, I’m changing my life now and forever! And I just did it. I follow a low carb eating plan, I go to gym 5 times a week and I love running (something I never liked doing). It wasn’t easy – I had days when I was down and just wanted junk food but I kept on going; thinking of how better my life would be. And it is way better! People look at you differently.

Now I have more energy, I love going out more. It’s just really life changing, so Sleekgeek; thanks to you guys for keeping me on track and I’m never turning back. I love the new me, I even have more confidence now then ever before.

My mom is the one I should thanking to she helped me a lot, she cooks the healthiest meals ever just so we can have a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t ever want to go back.