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Sleekgeek “Gym in a bag” Sandbag workshop March CT & JHB

Sleekgeek has noticed that many of our people:

  1. Do not have access to gym.
  2. Do not have the knowledge or confidence to do weight training.
  3. Do not have the correct equipment to do so. 
  4. Do not have much time. 

We are bringing you the solution! Why? We believe every person should do some form of regular weight lifting for their general health regardless of age, size, fitness level or gender. 

Introducing: The “GYM IN A BAG”! 

Together with Coach and SA Powerlifter Nicholas Ingel, owner of Emet Gyms in Johannesburg, Sleekgeek is bringing you a simple and highly effective training method using one single piece of equipment – the sandbag (aka “Gym in a Bag”)!

These are variable load sandbags, meaning you can change the weight as you please.

The main sandbag contains a number of small sandbag pouches, ranging from 2.5kg to 15kg. You can quickly swap these pouches in and out to make your sandbag heavier or lighter depending on your needs.

This allows you to work with an extremely versatile piece of equipment, performing up to 65kg deadlifts, 20kg rows, or 2.5kg bicep curls. It’s up to you.

CT and JHB Workshops:

The sandbags cost R1,000 alone, but for only R1,200 we are bringing you a full 3-hour workshop worth R2,500.

The workshop will include:

  • Your “gym in a bag” sandbag worth (worth R1,00), including 8 sandbag pouches that total 65kgs: 2×2.5kg, 2x5kg, 2x10kg, and 2k15kg.
  • A 3-hour group training workshop on how to safely and effectively train with your bag (worth R600), covering exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, Turkish Get-Ups, loaded carries, overhead presses and more.
  • A workshop training material manual (worth R600).
  • 3-Months of online training programs (worth R600).


Make your Booking! Limited spots available. 


Coach Nic is a true legend and was recently featured in Men’s Health for turning his alcohol addiction around and dedicating his life to help others achieve health and fitness. He is a respected coach, accomplished powerlifter and owns a successful gym in Johannesburg. He has been a long-standing friend of Sleekgeek. Nic won a Powerlifting gold medal for SA in Morocco in the 2015 IPF Africa Championships. 

Sandbags aside you are going to be taught the fundamentals of key weightlifting movements by a top class pro and you can implement these lessons in the future with any equipment you chose. 

You will leave the workshop with: 

  1. Your sandbag 
  2. The knowledge and confidence to use it. 
  3. A fun and effective plan to make it work for you 

Bottom line: With our Variable load sandbag you will never need a gym or other home fitness equipment again! 

Worth R1,200 once off? Absolutely! 


Make your Booking! Limited spots available. 


Why train weights?

You will improve your efforts to be lean 

All physical activity can help you burn calories. However, resistance training — such as weight lifting — has benefits that go beyond that. Resistance training helps increase the strength, tone and amount of muscle you have.

This is important for long-term health, since inactive adults lose between 3–8% of their muscle mass per decade.

Higher amounts of muscle also increase your metabolism, helping you burn more calories around the clock — even at rest. 

This also helps prevent the drop in metabolism that can occur alongside weight loss.

One study of 48 overweight women on a very-low-calorie diet found that those who followed a weight lifting program maintained their muscle mass, metabolic rate and strength, even though they lost weight (28).

Women who didn’t lift weights lost weight too, but they also lost more muscle mass and experienced a drop in metabolism (28).

Because of this, doing some form of resistance training is really a crucial addition to an effective long-term weight loss plan. It makes it easier to keep the weight off, which is actually much harder than losing it in the first place. (Source Authority Nutrition

You will live longer

In a study, increased muscle mass appeared more closely associated with lower instances of premature death than less body fat.

Preethi Srikanthan, MD, assistant clinical professor in the endocrinology division at the University of California, Los Angeles’ David Geffen School of Medicine, led this study with co-author Arun Karlamangla, MD, PhD, an associate professor in the geriatrics division at the Geffen School.

This study suggested that greater muscle mass in older adults was associated with a lower rate of death from any cause.

“In other words, the greater your muscle mass, the lower your risk of death,” Dr. Karlamangla said. “Rather than worrying about weight or body mass index, we should be trying to maximise and maintain muscle mass.”

Ladies you will NOT look like a man

To our Sleek Girls when you lift heavy things you WILL not get overly muscular, look like a man and grow a mustouche… 

If you still do not believe that then read 77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights

Why Sandbag training? 

Sandbag training is a simple, highly effective way to increase strength and endurance while burning calories and building lean muscle in a safe manner.

Because the load within the sandbag shifts slightly while you are training, you will constantly be working your chosen muscle groups from slightly different angles and involving more muscle. 

This is the problem with most store-bought sandbags. They are packed full and solid which defeats the benefit. 

It can be done ANYWHERE and sandbags are safer to train with then heavy metal items such as kettle bells and dumb bells. 

Sandbags are versatile and you can do hundreds of exercises with a bag. 

Why OUR “Variable Load” Sandbags?

Our Sandbags are pretty special! 

With our bag you can CHANGE the weight in seconds (by adding in or taking out different pouches –  so you do not need to have a few for various exercises! – Genius.

The ones you buy in the shops are typically ONE weight… so the question is which weight do you pick? The problem is that different exercises will require different weights. 

The “Emet Variable Load Sandbags” weight start from 2.5kgs and increase incrementally to 70kgs. You can train safely & effectively in the privacy of your home or wherever you choose. Sandbags are effective and safe when used in the correct and appropriate manner which is why Emet Gyms, in conjunction with Sleekgeek have developed this workshop specifically to meet the needs of the Sleekgeek community members. 

BONUS: You can even train with the pouches on their own as weights. We will also show you how. 


Make your Booking! Limited spots available. 


Full-body home gym system at a fraction of the cost. 

Not only do you no longer need to worry about not belonging to a gym again but you no longer have to worry about building and expensive and extensive collection of home workout equipment. 

Below is a sample of typical equipment and pricing at a wide-spread SA Sport retailer. 

The problem is for example if you buy a Kettle Bell for anything from R500 to R1,000 you are getting a single Kettle Bell at a specific weight. The issue is that you may be able to use a 16kgs Kettle Bell to do one or two exercises but the weight may be too light or too heavy to do ALL the exercise you need to in the end you require a whole set. The same applies to dumb bells, weight sets etc. 

If you buy a sandbag for example you have to pick a single weight. You cannot change it…. so 20kgs may be appropriate for you to do squats but may be much too heavy to do a shoulder press or a dumb bell curl. Once again you will need a whole lot of bags of different weights. 

With our variable load bag and pouch system that is ALL you need! 

The workshop 

The workshop will cover the following components:

  • The Fundamental Sandbag Movements
  • Safety
  • Sandbag Properties and Values

The Fundamental Movements will include:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Benchpress
  • Front Squat
  • The Turkish Get Up
  • Loaded Carries (Farmer’s Walks)
  • Pressing

The workshop will run for 3 hours. The first 2 hours will teach you the fundamental sandbag movements, safety and sandbag properties followed by a short break then an awesome 1 hour training session where we show you how we put it all together and how to build your own simple and effective training routines. 

Watch a video of Coach Nic on the beach running me through some of the movements you can do with the bag. 


Sign up for our CT and JHB WORKSHOP and FOR R1,200 once off you score R2,500 worth of value. You get: 

  1. Your “Gym in a Bag” (worth R1,000 alone) – including independent pouches totalling 70kgs (2 X 2,5kgs, 2 X 5kgs, 2 X 10kgs, 2 X 15kgs) 
  2. A 3hr workshop on how to train with your bag (Worth R600) – covering Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress, Front Squat, The Turkish Get Up, Loaded Carries (Farmer’s Walks), Pressing. Includes a Group Training session. 
  3. Manual covering workshop training material (Worth R300) 
  4. 3 months online training programs (Worth R600) 
  5. A training system to last you forever (Priceless) 

We have limited space so sign up straight away below.

If you have any questions, please contact us via help@sleekgeek.co.za


Make your Booking! Limited spots available. 


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