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A #FitNightOut with adidas

A night of fitness, fun and excitement with 1,200 other like-minded women – sounds like a great Saturday right? Well, it was. Myself and a very lucky Sleek lady were invited by our friends at adidas to attend the Women’s Health Fit Night Out on Saturday 11 February 2017.

We were greeted at the entrance to the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town (what a venue!) with a goodie bag filled to the brim on exciting fitness & wellness treats – including a Fit Night Out vest, a Shield roll-on deodrant, an adidas sweat towel and shaker bottle and two bright green drum sticks which the use of would be made apparent later in the night.

The day was hot and the sun was beating down on us, but that didn’t stop the energy from flowing – our first workout was a warm up courtesy of Johry Batt, owner of functional fitness gym Huba Fitness and his team. He definitely got the ladies’ pulses racing – and that was even before the workout started!

Once we were all warmed up and ready to go, the team from SWEAT 1000 took the stage – their workout philosophy is all about taking your body to places it has never been before and realising your full potential with their high intensity workouts. We were most definitely put through our paces – everything from jumping jacks, to burpees and boxing – they most definitely made us SWEAT in those 30 mins!

After the SWEAT 1000 class, we all needed a moment to come back towards ourselves and find some cold water to cool down with. We took a wander around the stalls that dotted the edges of the venue – what a feast! Everything from protein powders, to energy balls made with yummy ingredients like lemon and coconut, to beauty products and sexy adidas gear – I was glad I didn’t have my wallet on me otherwise I would have spent most of my evening shopping up a storm!

Once we’d found ourselves again, we headed back to our exercise mats for a DIY workout with local fitness star and fellow adidas team mate, Aneeka Buys. She took us through a great workout using simply what we had with us – water bottles, a mat, a towel and our bodies! Think bicep curls and crunches using your body as resistance and side planks with a water bottle (you don’t know how bad your balance is until you’ve done a side plank)! 

Next up, we were treated to an incredible yoga session courtesy of yoga man Andre-Louis – I have a soft spot for yoga and thoroughly enjoyed a few moments to focus on my breath and come back to earth after a few gruelling workouts. Although, don’t be mistaken –  Andre definitely took us through our paces with poses like crow and chaturanga (kind of a low push up pose) so at the end of his session, we were pumped & ready for more!

Maps-ercise was next – a super high energy workout led my Mapule Ndhlovu – another adidas team mate! If you want to see a strong, powerful, exciting woman in action – you need to look out for Maps! P.S. That woman can SKIP!

 Takkies was up next – a sassy, fierce dance instructor. She took us ladies through a fun hip hop dance class – there was much twerking happening! It’s so amazing to be introduced to workouts that you wouldn’t normally think of exercise but that get your heart rate up & your body moving.

Finally, the green drumsticks were given their time to shine – 1,200 women in Cape Town were able to participate in the world’s largest ever PoundFit class! PoundFit makes you feel like a rockstar while you work out – making use of the drum sticks to add some resistance and fun to a high intensity body weight class. The women from PoundFit are also launching their classes in South Africa soon and I am so excited to make them more regularly!

What a night it was! There is no greater feeling to leave a workout filled with endorphins (I think that’s the reason why a lot of people do workout – it makes you happy)! But, imagine the endorphins and happiness after leaving an evening of exercise shared with 1.200 other women, all their to get fit and have fun!

Another massive thank you to our adidas team for the opportunity to be a part of this magical event!




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