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A Few Reasons Why You Should Enter the 8-Week Ultimate You Challenge

By now, I am sure you’ve all seen us mention the Ultimate You 8-Week Challenge once or twice. The Challenge is an exciting time for Elan, Eric & I but also, and most importantly for the community.

The 8 Week Challenge is an opportunity to have real focus, support & encouragement on your personal journey to health & wellness as well as a whole bucket load of other awesome reasons.

Here are some of the reasons we feel the Challenge is an awesome choice – 

1. You contribute towards our mission of transforming the lives of 1,000,000 South Africans.

The Sleekgeek Health Revolution mission is to inspire 1,000,000 South Africans to transform themselves and lead a better quality life. Every single person who signs up to Sleekgeek’s ULTIMATE YOU Challenge is another opportunity for Sleekgeek to make a positive difference in this world. 

2. You become part of a legacy.

Sleekgeek all began, pretty much by accident, with a Transformation Challenge back in 2011. Elan and 11 friends decided to do a mini weight loss challenge between themselves. Everyone put R500 into the “kitty” and in the end the winner who lost the most weight won it all. Elan created a Facebook Group to help everyone keep in touch, share their progress, and give support to whoever needed.

That group, which started with a humble 12 people, has now blossomed into a thriving community of more than 60,000 people. Turns out, it was the perfect blend of camaraderie, joint learning, and competitive edge – everyone loved the supportive environment and invited their friends and family to experience it too. 6 years later we are now in the middle of our 17th Official Transformation Challenge! This is what Sleekgeek is built upon – don’t you want to be a part of that?

3. It’s THE “in” thing to do.

To-date, we have completed 16 transformation challenges, helped over 11,000 challengers lose more than 15 tonnes of weight, and rewarded them with over R600,000 in cash along with some other really cool prizes sponsored from top local and international health and fitness brands.

Many of Sleekgeek’s most influential and successful community members have benefited from Sleekgeek’s ULTIMATE YOU Challenge (most of them entering multiple times over the years to benefit again and again and again), such as Angelique Du Plessis, Carli Mostert, Melissa Thomas, Nicola Davidson, and Jill Prins to name just a handful.

4. It’s for everyone.

The ULTIMATE YOU Challenge is for real people looking for real results.

Frantically busy moms who want to do it all in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

In-shape gym bunnies looking for laser focus and a competitive challenge.

Corporate executives who want to improve their focus and productivity by getting in shape.

Families looking to build healthy habits together and have fun while doing it.

Anyone seeking like-minded individuals to join them on their journey to great health. If you want to lose 20kgs, 10kgs, 5kgs, tone up, build muscle, or anything in between. We have something for everyone, no matter your needs and capabilities. Our goal is to help you get started, keep you going, and reward your progress.

5. Flexible start dates to suit your schedule.

There are 5 different start dates (called “heats”) to choose from. You get to select the start date that best suits you! You can even sign up now and only select a start date later. 3 Heats remain if you still wish to enter Sleekgeek’s ULTIMATE YOU Challenge, starting on Monday the 27th of February, Monday the 6th of March and Monday 13th March.

6. Amazing prizes to be won.

As if a rocking new body wasn’t enough, we have teamed up with some amazing brands to bring you R100,000 worth of prizes to be won! Winners are split into 4 categories depending on your gender and goals, and there are 5 winners in each category (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place).

7. Expertly designed nutrition and exercise plans.

It’s entirely optional for you to use our expertly designed ULTIMATE YOU Challenge plans. If you do, we have you covered no matter what your capabilities or preference is.

Nutrition plans to suit your needs: Whether you like Traditional, Paleo, Banting, Vegetarian, or something more moderate and in between, we’ve got you covered with a variety of customizable nutrition plans from our Registered Dietician (includes delicious recipes, shopping lists, portion sizes, tips, tricks, and meal plans).

Effective and efficient exercise plans: Our Sport Scientist has developed training plans for everyone from absolute beginners, intermediates, or advanced that focus on what really works to help you burn fat, build muscle, and look great (use the equipment at a gym or nothing at all in the comfort of your own home. Basic running, swimming and cycling plans too. It’s up to you).

8.These guys and girls: The latest winners of our Summer 2016 Challenge.

Chad Backstrom (top left) came 1st Place in our Men’s Transformation category – read a quick Q&A with him here.

Terri Maasburg (top right) came 1st Place in our Women’s Transformation category – read a quick Q&A with her here.

Zani de Wit (bottom right) came 1st Place in our Women’s Weight Loss category, losing 23kgs – read a quick Q&A with her here.

Riaan Senekal (bottom left) came 1st Place in our Men’s Weight Loss category, losing 26,5kgs – read a quick Q&A with him here.

You can see a full list of all our challenge finalists here.

9. Don’t take it from us!

Here are some Challengers telling us why they’ve decided to sign up for this year’s first Ultimate You: 

“Not prizes, I am doing it for me and my body. Challenge helps me to stay focused for an entire 8 weeks” – Isabelle Huys

“The challenges definitely help with focus. Having all of the support and everyone working towards the same (ish) goals at the same time just adds to that” – Kate Laura Graham

“For me, my health, the weight-loss, the encouragement, the fun and the prizes” – Chantal Phelan Calder

“Getting my health back and continuing on my journey. I am doing it for ME!!!” – Roxanne Macnamara

“This was totally about the weight loss for me and to get some confidence back…but now it’s more about changing my life style and improving my health.” – Caitlin Dayanand

As you can see, even from these quick responses, the Challenge is a tool that drives people to become the best version of themselves possible. 

This is called a challenge for a reason. It’s exciting, daunting, fast-paced, uncomfortable, full of surprises – but that’s where the magic happens.

As Gandhi once said, “Actions express priorities.”

So with all that said and done, how about it?

If you want to read more about Sleekgeek’s ULTIMATE YOU Challenge or enter right away, you can do so here.

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