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Adele beats the yo-yo diets to lose 57kg!

I am Adéle Geldart, a 37-year-old mom to a 7 year old boy, and wife to my awesome hubby, we have been together 19 years. I grew up in Meyerton but moved to the East Rand to be closer to my husband. To date I have lost 57kg and I have 30kg left to get to my personal goal and to fit into my “skinny” cupboard. I’m in accounting and work half day, then help my son with homework, and nowadays we play afterwards or swim, or even jump on the trampoline. I currently weigh 116kg and am 1.74m tall. My starting weight was a wopping 173kg. My pants size used to be bigger than a size 28 or 56, shirts size was 28 or XXXXL. Today I am wearing size 14/16/ large shirt, and a size 18 pants. My goal is to fit in my size 14/16 clothes comfortably.

My battle with my weight started when I was in high school, I was a size 10, but all the other kids were a size 6 and 8, so I became the target of being bullied. My Matric year was hell for me. I gradually gained weight, and just kind of didn’t care because I was always the butt of the joke. I had to ask a boy from another grade to go to my Matric dance with me, because I was told not even the ugliest boy in Matric would go with a fatty like me.

As a result of my weight gain I was told that I couldn’t have kids. I managed to lose 35kg with Weigh-Less for my wedding which took two years to plan. Three months before our wedding I found out I was pregnant. I gained 55 kgs during my pregnancy, I was morning sick 24 hours a day, I gained approximately 6kgs a week! My gynecologist was shocked. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes after which I developed pre-eclampsia and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as high blood pressure.

Our little miracle was born prematurely via C-Section due to my blood pressure skyrocketing. There were severe complications with the birth and I flatlined twice during the procedure and once in the recovery room. It was hell. My beautiful little newborn baby flatlined 4 times. We are both lucky to be alive.

Following this traumatic birth experience I was heavier than ever and made my way back to Weigh-Less. But I gave up somewhere down the line and my weight would not budge!

After the birth, I still remember when the doctor told me that my gestational diabetes was here to stay, I thought my world ended, she popped pills in my hand and sent me off. I was depressed afterwards. When we moved, I found a new doctor who helped me redo the blood tests and he put me on the right medicine, and I took them but kind of made peace with being fat.

I didn’t know what to do. I’d go to bed hungry in a bid to starve myself thin. I thought “TODAY is the day, today I am starting over, today I will give 100%” but then before night fall, I’d have cheated and let myself down… again. I went on a high protein diet but cut out all fat and everything, starving myself, my insulin dropped and I passed out, when I woke up in the ER the doctor was so mad at me. During this time I applied for a medical aid but was told the protein in my urine was too high. I tried injections and every magic pill on this earth. It works, but when you try and live normally again you gain all and more back.

My turning point came in December 2014 when my son came bursting into the bathroom demanding to know why his mommy was fat, telling me that he loves me although kids say his mommy is fat. I realized he had heard others talking about my weight. It suddenly hit me that I was indeed a fat mommy, and I desperately needed to do something about it. I tried various diets and changes. I went from one extreme to the other which ended with me landing up in ER unable to manage my diabetes.

Going to the gym is my absolute horror. I am afraid people judge and stare. I tried the personal trainer route, but he ended up breaking my spirit more. I tried a few times, but in the end just gave up. I can honestly say I did not exercise during this loss, to which I am very sad about, I have so much loose skin, and it could have been prevented, I should have exercised from the start. Now I try and walk my 10 000 steps a day, when I make tea I walk around the coffee table in circles to get me to my daily goal. I am terrified of the gym, but have joined again.

Suffering from a food obsession, I could not eat in front of people. I would just mess with the food on the plate so people think I was eating. Family dinners were the worst, I would sit in the bedroom and have dinner so no one could judge me. I started counting calories and became so obsessed. My relationship with food was an unhealthy obsession. It affected my whole life, I became a bitter, sad person. The old me only ate once a day, I could easily go a whole day without food, but then I would stuff myself at night. Trying to eat 6 meals a day also didn’t help.

2016 was a good year for me weight-wise, I just stuck to my guns, never let my gains upset me, when I felt down, I asked myself if I wanted to go back there, and then I just continued. I joined a couch last year for a few months, unfortunately due to financial strain I could not continue, but I continued on, on my own. I knew if I could do this on my own, then it can become my lifestyle, as I do not want to diet the rest of my life, I need to change my lifestyle. I need to be healthy in order to be happy. I joined a weight loss group in my area as well, I still go to my weekly weigh ins in order to be accountable. I am the type of person who needs someone to be accountable to.

My husband and son are my greatest motivators, I want to be a healthy, happy mom and wife, we all deserve it.

Yo-Yo dieting ever since I was 18, I tried various weight loss products and plans, but every time, I’d mess it up and end up heavier than before. Until I shifted my mindset and wanted to be a healthier, happy me. Everyone asks me to share my plan with them or to help them. But the truth is, I do not have 1 set plan that worked for me, it was a lot of pain and tears and not giving up. I found Sleekgeek and made some awesome friends, they encouraged me and I started to follow by example. I know now making the healthier choice is the better one.

Recently on Sleekgeek a stunning girl motivated me to exercise, so daily I do my exercises in my bedroom, where no one can see me! I pack my food for the day, and take it to work. I am not the weekly meal prep type person, I make as I go, although I love baking and cooking. I prepare on a daily basis, when the bug bites me and I make a week’s meals ahead. I have learned what works for my body and what not, how to regulate my insulin levels, and just to be happy.

My highlight was in December 2016 on our coast holiday, for the first time ever could I play with my son, we played in the waves, we chased each other on the beach, I showed him how to boogie board in the waves, although I am still overweight, I enjoyed my child for the first time like he deserved.  And not once did I worry that I am too fat to play with my child. When we were back home, he came to me and hugged me with “Thank you mommy for playing with me, it was the best holiday ever”. Hearing those words, I knew losing weight is the best thing I can ever do.

I love cardio, I am intimidated by the circuit and weights, so I steer clear. But I do realize that this year I need to find a way to overcome this.

A typical day for me would be:

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs / all bran and skimmed milk / 

In between snack only if I am hungry – fruit or yoghurt

Lunch – Low GI sandwich with lettuce and protein/ chicken or tuna salad / 

Snack if I feel hungry – biltong or drywors

Dinner – We love chicken, so it is nearly always chicken and veg or chicken and salad.

I snack on popcorn in front of the TV 3 times a week – it keeps me sane!

At this stage I have plateaued but am really excited to start a Reboot, first I need to do 30 days. I decided 2017 is my year!

I do my 30min exercises at home and try to walk my 10 000 steps.

If I could give anyone tips it would definitely be:

1 – Combine weight loss and exercise.

2 – NEVER ever give up.

3 – Drink your water.

4 – Look pretty every day, when you look pretty you feel good.

5 – Keep people that support you close and cut out haters.

6 – NEVER ever forget why you started.

7 – Get yourself a pair of “Wanna fit” jeans.

8 – Never put yourself down. Believe in yourself. No matter what.

9 – Friends who don’t support you or love you the way you are, are no friends at all.


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