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30-Day Healthy Habits Challenge Day 7 – Take Photos Of Yourself In Your Underwear

Welcome to Day 7 of Sleekgeek’s free 30-Day You Healthy Habits Challenge! 

Each day for 30 days we give you 1 habit to complete in order to help you eat, move, think, or sleep better.


Today’s task is to take photos of yourself in your underwear:

Note: These are for your own personal use – you do not need to show them to anyone else.

Alongside this free 30-Day Health Habits Challenge, we also run a longer Ultimate You 8-Week Ultimate You Body Transformation Challenge where we have seen over 7,500 challengers submit their before and after photos.

These are used for judging purposes to determine our winners who walk away with some amazing prizes – but more importantly, they are there to kickstart challenger motivation and give them a true look at their own current situation and what progress they achieve over the following 8 weeks.

While most challengers are very reluctant to take their photos, they never regret it and always thank us afterwards.

The reason is that it is uncomfortable and out of our comfort zone to do this.

The most powerful thing that you can do on your personal  journey to health is to stop ignoring your reality, face up to it and take action. You have to know where you are in order to try and figure out where you want to go.

The most brutal thing you can do is take some photos of yourself in your underwear in a relaxed position. Front, back and sides. It is often shocking.

We are so good at not really looking at ourselves for too long when we dislike our bodies. People who take our challenges dread this moment and then are so grateful in the end.

These photos are just for you and you never need to show anyone.

You must take front, back and sides. Take a deep breath and then breathe out and relax just before you take the pics. Arms relaxed at the sides. No flexing, no sucking in.

But if you have been ignoring your body it may just surprise you.

Taking photos changed many people who have transformed via the Challenge’s lives. That was the turning point when they said ENOUGH.

You can argue that this task is more about vanity than health but the truth is that humans are driven by vanity and wanting to look good. If that is what gets you to better health and habits I am happy. If you look fantastic naked. BONUS!

How best to take these photos:

It is best if you have someone you trust to assist you for the best possible photos. Taken selfies in a mirror is not ideal in terms of your body position and visibility. If that is your last resort then it is better than nothing.  If you do not have a partner then ask a buddy if you can.

Some guidelines:

  • Take a picture of your front view, side view, back view.
  • Stand up straight, proud, yet relaxed in your photos. Look straight ahead. Arms down at your sides.
  • Pose naturally. Do not slouch, flex, suck your stomach in, push your stomach out, etc. Your posture in your before and after photos needs to be as similar as possible.
  • Take a deep breath, breathe out gently and then have the photo taken at that exact moment when you are relaxed.
  • Use as plain a background as possible. A wall, a plain curtain or door are best.

What to wear

If you intend to one day show these pics to others or post them on our Facebook Group then:

  • Guys wear short shorts. No shoes or other items of clothing.
  • Ladies wear a bikini or short shorts and a sports bra.

Do it often:

We recommend that rather than being obsessed with the scale that you do this once a month. You will be surprised what change you can see visually. It is a powerful tool.

Reap the results:

The people below took on Sleekgeek’s 8-Week Ultimate You 8 Week Challenge and they definitely do not regret taking “before” photos, even if it was tough to do!

Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.03.32Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.03.37Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.03.43Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.03.49Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.03.55Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.04.00Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.04.05Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.04.17Screenshot 2016-01-08 11.04.23


See you tomorrow for your Day 8’s task.

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