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Keep it simple

When we work with our 1-one-1 coaching clients we talk to them about different levels.

99% of people in this community including me would be a level 1.That means stick to the basics.

I have observed it the last 4 years on Sleekgeek. People obsess about the minute details and do not get the basics right. Nearly everyone reading this post does not need advanced strategies unless they are athletes or have a specific goal such as wanting to get on stage in a body building competition. 

We deal with average everyday people and for the most part “People are mowing the lawn while the house is on fire.”  

People who are not eating protein, veg and healthy fats at every meal in reasonable portions are tied up in knots about how many minutes before their workout they should eat – or whether they should eat after a certain time at night or whether they should have 3,4,5,6 meals.

People who are not sleeping right, managing their stress and not in a basic routine worrying about how many grams of a certain macronutrient they had…People who do not eat correctly wanting to know if they need supplements they cannot pronounce….People who cannot get to gym consistently are worried about 6 vs 12 reps… you get the picture.

Stop listening to what other people are doing and focus on your basics. 

My message for you now is GET THE BASICS right first CONSISTENTLY, doing something reasonably well is better then doing nothing perfectly.

Some food for thought. Can you identify with what I have just said?


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