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Q&A: Bernise Bannister

Here’s a quick Q&A with Bernise Bannister who came 2nd in Women’s Transformation in Sleekgeek’s latest ULTIMATE YOU 8-Week Transformation Challenge (sign up for the new challenge now at www.ultimateyou.co.za)!


QUESTION 1: Give us a short history of your journey to health and fitness before the challenge.

A: My health & fitness journey began about 5 years ago. I was a self-confessed yo-yo dieter & resident couch potato for most of my adult life! Finally in 2013 after many many failed attempts, I managed to get rid of 30kg’s in approx. 7 months! I had achieved my goal to be in THE BEST shape of my life at the age of 40! (yeah, ok it was a midlife crisis…lol). Nope, it was not easy… In fact, my journey has been one heck of a bumpy road which included that major transformation but then an almighty rebound! I regained about 15kg’s and ended up in the most depressed state I have ever been in my life! I struggled for over two years to get my “mojo” back… And that is what lead me to Sleek Geek!

QUESTION 2: What prompted you to join the ULTIMATE YOU Transformation Challenge?

A: This was my 3rd Ultimate You challenge, but from the outset of this one I made the decision that this would be the one I would give my absolute all too… It was just 8 weeks of my life that I would put my head down and just do what needed to be done in order to find my mojo again & with that find my “happy place” again.

QUESTION 3: Give us a quick overview of the nutrition and eating plan that you followed during the challenge.

A: I decided to try flexible nutrition (IIFYM) for this challenge, and can without a doubt say that I have FINALLY found what works for me!

QUESTION 4: Give us a quick overview of the training and exercise plan that you followed during the challenge.

A: I made use of the weight training plans in the vault for the first 4 weeks, and then switched over to powerlifting style training for the remaining 4 weeks, which I now currently still follow. For the full 8 weeks I trained 6 days a week, twice a day… Cardio at 5am & weight training @ 6pm. Some may say this is extreme, but for me it was about leaving no stone unturned in order for me to achieve my goal!

QUESTION 5: Did you use any supplements or do anything else worth mentioning to help you get results?

A: The only supplementation I used was whey protein in order to assist me with reaching my daily protein goals. No magic fat burners or pre workouts, just a biiiiig cup of black coffee before my training sessions!

QUESTION 6: If you could give 3 pieces of advice to future challengers, what would they be?

A: If I could give future challengers any advice it would be firstly, lose the word DIET… Changing your lifestyle is what is required, pure and simple! Take it one day at a time, one meal at a time! You have to find what works for YOU! We are all different, so what works for me may not work for you… Find what you are able to stick to constantly without effort, and the results will naturally follow! And finally, but to me the most important is that there is no “end” date, yes the challenge will come to an end, but your journey continues. In order for us to change, we MUST make permanent changes or we will simply go back to how we were before!

QUESTION 7: What did you find most valuable about your experience?

A: The most valuable part of this experience for me has been finding my “happy” place again & also meeting some truly amazing people that I now call my friends!  



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