Join the #NoComplaintsWeek (7 Steps to Positive Thinking)

Greatist No Complaints Week

How many times do you complain in a day? Think about it…

At Sleekgeek we try to be really mindful of what kind of thoughts we let into our heads and even more so with what kind of thoughts we speak out loud.

We have a negativity jar that sits in the office that gets R5-10 bucks put in each time we catch each other saying something really negative and Dr. Greg also shared a cool tip with us at one of the Sleekgeek Dinners where you swap your Sleekgeek Wristband from one wrist to the other every time you catch yourself being overly negative.

No matter how ‪#‎blessed‬ we are, many of us still have a habit of harping on what’s wrong—instead of appreciating what’s right. Too often we resort to mindless complaints about anything and everything.

Each day, we tend to focus on the one or two small things that go wrong and let it ruin our day, while we ignore all the millions and trillions of things that go right.

Research shows that being just a bit less negative and more positive is beneficial for your overall health, social life, relationships, and even career.

The folks at are kicking off a fun little 1-week campaign challenging people to try and go just ONE week without complaining.

It officially starts / started on the 27th of June – but don’t worry if you only found out about it a bit later, jump in right now and get involved. Something is always better than nothing and the world could always do with a bit more positivity.

Below you will find 7 steps that you can take to cut back on your griping—and retrain your brain to see the good in each day.

Over the week, share your positive vibes, daily gratitudes, and gorgeous photos (see day 5!) with us on social media.

  • Join our Facebook Event and invite your friends to help us spread the love.
  • If you’re posting on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook, make sure to tag both @SleekgeekSA and @Greatist, and use the hashtag #NoComplaintsWeek.

Greatist No Complaints Week Challenge

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