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How Sleekgeek started

Hello, I am Elan Lohmann and I created the Sleekgeek challenge to help you activate desired change in your life.

It all began rather unintentionally, in November 2011, with me and 12 friends who decided to each put R500 into the “kitty” and see who could lose the most weight. Winner took all. At the time I was inspired by the “Body for Life 12-Week Challenge” and its results.

I was at the absolute lowest point in my life. I looked terrible. I felt terrible. I was an over-weight chain-smoking workaholic couch potato for over a decade and this was the only way I would think of to make a solid COMMITMENT to change. I finally had ENOUGH. Boy am I happy it worked. It was the spark to change 1000s of lives. 

Rather than competing against each other, we found that social support was incredibly valuable.

I created a discussion group on Facebook that let us keep in touch with each other, share our progress, and give encouragement to whoever needed it. Although this was a challenge where we were competing against each other, we were also all in this together. We even swopped strategies. We knew that we would all get better results working together than working alone. That very group now numbers almost 40,000 members today. It almost feels like a miracle what happened since then. 

This perfect blend of camaraderie, joint learning, and competitive edge produced some impressive results and was exactly what we needed to kickstart our motivation. In fact it profoundly changed my life.

This group started growing by word of mouth and through friends of friends, even after our challenge was finished. Everyone loved the supportive environment that we had created and wanted their friends and family to experience it too.

And so Sleekgeek was born.

The demand for more officially organized Sleekgeek challenges increased. So we brought on sponsors to provide attractive prizes for the winners in addition to the cold hard cash and a new rocking body. We also got reliable and experienced nutritionists and exercise science experts involved to develop training and nutrition plans for a wide variety of challenger needs and capabilities.

I kept getting asked..”When is the next challenge??!” So we continued. 3 times a year. New Year, Winter and Summer each year. 

The community and brand was so exciting to be a part of – making change in people’s lives – that I left my corporate career and secure salary to take on Sleekgeek full-time. I was an executive in a listed company so it was a big deal. My mission is to change the world with health as the weapon. The Sleekgeek Revolution had arrived! 

Now 3 and a bit years later we have  14 successful challenges under our belt with over 8,500 people having gone through this tried and tested 8-week challenge system, achieving amazing results and being rewarded with incredible prizes! We have paid out over R550,000 in cash to winners over this time. 

I did it personally. So have countless others just like you in the Sleekgeek community. 

This 8-week challenge process will help you take huge strides toward living a healthier lifestyle. It will also introduce you to an incredible support network of community members just like you who will be with you every single day for this challenge, as well as for all the years to come.

Sleekgeek is far more than just a challenge, it is a community organized around the vision of creating a healthier South Africa.

When you enter our challenge and community you are not only giving yourself the right tools to create valuable lasting change, but you are doing a positive thing for others by helping to fund the overall vision of our community.

Our vision is to inspire 100,000 South Africans to live a healthy lifestyle. 

I am so proud that the community has become SO MUCH MORE then a 8-Week Challenge even though those are the roots. We now have a thriving community that offers so much more in addition to a daily conversation around living a healthy lifestyle.

Our code is to “Uplift, Respect and Inspire” others and ourselves. 


Screenshot 2016-05-20 15.06.19

Becoming the ULTIMATE YOU 

After 3 years we decided that since we run so many Challenges in our community that our 8-Week Challenge needed a concept and a name to encapsulate what it is about. For us it is about striving to be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be. That is not perfection. That is progress. Being the Ultimate You is really about beating yesterday and moving forward in your life. So we called it www.ultimateyou.co.za 

That brings us to today. 

I hope this post interested you and gave you a little taste of some of the rich history of Sleekgeek and my personal journey. 


– Elan (Founder of Sleekgeek)



If you are interesting in the Challenge then…. 

Make the commitment and get all the ins and outs as well as sign up for the challenge here!

This challenge will provide you with the structure for COMMITMENT + TOOLS + SUPPORT = RESULTS.

Our challenges have a proven track record that I am confident in. Results are consistent and continuous. I am not here to sell you magic potions, pills or lotions. I know that there are no quick fixes worth taking. This is a long-term goal built upon the fail-proof foundation of eating healthily, exercising regularly, and being involved in a supportive environment that encourages progress and cultivates results. That is how we do it! We have had countless transformations, over 1000 written testimonials and rave reviews. There is no doubt. We get results. 

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