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Love changes everything – A success story by Nicola Cafun

“Is it possible that a man can be so changed by love, that you could not recognize him to be the same?”  -Publius Tertius Afer

My journey started somewhere in 2012 and by mid-2013 I had lost just over 30kgs thanks to many “failed” Sleekgeek Reboot attempts and minimal exercise – I was very happy with the fact that I, who had been fat my whole life, was even able to drop a single kilo. I was not an unhappy child so no sad story there, yes I had heartbreaks and traumatic incidents but who hasn’t had those.

I was on various medications for Hypertension (My BP has since normalised), and was advised to seek an alternate contraceptive as my weight (117kg) had become an issue.

Boom there I was 30kgs less – still fat and now pregnant so how was I going to do this, with a child.

I decided to stick to Sleekgeek Reboot  since it was working even though I hadn’t ever completed the 30 days. I somehow managed to stay focused for most of my pregnancy until the last few weeks when walking/sleeping/cravings daily became unbearable.

So yes my Reboot baby girl was born 19 Feb 2014 very healthy. Now I was ready to get back to the goal which some people called my latest obsession. Yet again another hiccup 8 weeks later back in hospital with Deep Vein Thrombosis aka Blood clot in my left leg. By now I was grumpy and in pain and worried that the weight might creep back. A few weeks later I completed my first park walk (parkrun) at 87kgs, I was last but it didn’t matter. I had Elan and Greg and Eilidh Venning walking by my side and making sure I finished.



Later that year I was introduced to functional training at 360 specialised training by Sleeks I had met at the parkruns. 2015 turned out to be my best training year. I was  selected to be 1 of 6 360 XBT Ambassadors with training and nutrition by Chris Walsh & Carl Mason. I managed to drop a further 22kg.

Change only happened when I made the decision to love myself. I had to learn to love myself I didn’t even realise I had stopped, learn to see what those close to me see (starting to sound like Whitney Houston’s-Greatest love). It’s a tough discovery. As my body began to change with my new blossoming confidence it was hard for those around me to adapt as well. I lost some relationships or should rather say outgrew some relationships but also discovered new ones.

My Turning point

Sitting in the canteen with colleagues eating my usual KFC fully loaded box meal discussing our weight as women often do, KFC was a big part of my life. The one lady reckons to me that I could lose the weight “chop, chop” and I just laughed it off-in reality it took almost 3 years. However that day for the first time ever I wondered who I was under all that fat, what I would look like? Who would I be? I pitched the idea of a slimmer me to hubby and family. My family said no it’s just not possible it’s in my genes to be chubby and that it would probably not suit me, bless them they are now learning to adapt. Hubby was very supportive from the get go but made it clear that he already loves me as I am (my greatest supporter). The discussion with my family left me conflicted but I had to know who I was under all the fat. I just had to know.


I’m not sure how or when I came across SLEEKGEEK but it was my saving grace after changing my habits slowly. Knowing that I would have to end my emotional dependence on KFC made me very anxious. It’s still touch and go at times but we all have our kryptonite.

People ask me all the time for motivation, inspiration and tips. I don’t always have these either but we all have our strengths, use that as a driving force. My strength is in commitment. When I became committed to being healthy it didn’t matter about my excuses or feelings – feelings change. I still fall often but it doesn’t matter it’s just learning curves. What matters now is that I’m living my best life. I am the best version of me and I will only get stronger in time. You just have to decide whether you are worth it?

elan-lohmann-founder-sleekgeek-helps-nicola-finish-parkrunThank you Elan, Eilidh, Greg and little Breah for helping me complete that very first park run. Thanks to this journey I have gained amazing friendships and training buddies.

My Advice

It’s in the title – Love changes everything. Now I know that doesn’t happen overnight but you can learn to love yourself over time. You have to believe in yourself and your goals, why? Because you are worth it! Be patient with yourself and your body. Change is hard. Don’t concern yourself with people who don’t think it’s possible. You will inspire them eventually. Surround yourself with like-minded people at https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleekgeek/

Find an eating plan that works for you, if you not sure where to start try the Sleekgeek Reboot. I learned from my fellow sleeks. Slow and steady wins the race. 1 meal, 1 rep at a time and keep it simple.





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