Amputee Anthony does 5kms on crutches


Anthony Carr has been a long standing dedicated Sleekgeek who has always engaged in the group enthusiastically.

A year ago while working as a paramedic he was in a car accident while responding to the call of duty. Sadly Anthony lost his right leg which could not be saved. It was shocking news for our sleekgeek family.

He was been waiting for a year to get the right prosthetic so that he can continue his work in the field and be active.

Anthony is a role-model in the community to show that there are never an excuses and that you are NOT your disability. No matter what there is a way to build a meaningful and healthy life for yourself.

This weekend – one year later – to mark the occasion –  Anthony, myself, Eric Chowles, Savannah Taylor, Melissa Thomas, Barbara Northmore, Dominique Leibbrandt and Justin Bagley and a bunch of Sleeks walked the Greenpoint parkrun in 1hr32mins. Imagine walking 5kms on crutches. Imagine what your hands and elbows would feel like? Let alone the strain on your ankle from carrying your entire body weight on one leg?

What was your excuse again?

I have no doubt that when Ant finally gets his new leg he will take things to the next level. I know many people with prosthetics who have achieved far more physically then many of the able-bodied people I know. We have Stan Andrews in our community who completes triathlons in impressive times with his prosthetic.

Big ups and high 5’s Ant! We look forward to the rest of your journey and continue to inspire like wildfire!

If you want to give him a like the visit the original Facebook post over here or click on the image of the post below!

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