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Team Asijiki’s Gloria Mpho Mnweba Lost 16kg!

Well I have always wanted to change my eating habits but failed them, I believe because I was not motivated enough especially doing it on my own.

I saw friends of mine on FB Alakhe and Wankie losing weight almost every week, I approached one of them. She introduced me to a very supportive group of about 40 ladies, Team Asijiki that Alakhe is coaching who introduced me to Sleekgeek. I started eating clean. I cut out carbohydrates, dairy, sugar and all processed foods.

I introduced lots of veggies and protein to my diet. First thing I would do in the morning, take 2 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar on an empty stomach and follow by a cup of warm water. This was every single morning for 4 months. I still take my water though,  I had to stop taking the vinegar raw because of my low iron deficiency.

My breakfast would be 2 eggs, chicken livers or tuna or lean bacon, half avo, lettuce, mini tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms and sometimes the 3 colour peppers (raw) very delicious!:) with a cup of green/rooibos tea or a cup of warm water.

I would drink at least a litre or 2 of water an hour before lunch and another 1,5 litre gym time before/after work. (still doing it)

My lunch would be any protein but I would prefer chicken with veggies, this would most of the time be my leftovers from dinner.

I started off by exercising from 5am to 6am Monday to Saturday. Cardio for 30minutes, 10 minutes floor exercises and 20 minutes on weights.

Because of my commitment and dedication, I have lost 16kg’s thus far. I was weighing 80kg’s I am now a proudly 64 kg’s, which I am maintaining. Now wearing size 34 from 38/40

Please listen to whoever is coaching you in this regard, stick to the do’s and don’ts because you can easily pick up weight by cheating. Yes you will fall off the wagon sometimes but always jump back on again, you will eventually get to your destination and be able to maintain!!!

3 tips:

  • Make sure that your mind is completely changed/ made up
  • Refrain completely from eating out/ Prepare your meals( even if you have to prep for the whole week to avoid being tempted)
  • Never ever starve yourself, eat eat eat!!!! But make sure what you put in is CLEAN! Never forget to drink water!!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite meal is gem squash filled with lean mince and veggies, I would eat this every single day!

Life is totally different because I stress less! I am more confident! Finally able to wear short clothing! I am very radiant now!

I literally get sick if I eat chocolates or oily stuff. So I would rather stick to my eating clean plan.

Gloria Mpho Mnweba – #TeamAsijiki


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