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The Challenger’s Games Instructions

Vault menu: Home | Instructions | Nutrition | Exercise | Challenger’s Journey | Challenger’s Games | Prizes | Resources | Support

In order to keep things easy to follow and understand, we’ve created this separate page explaining the rules and instructions for the Challenger’s Games.

If you’d like to go back to the main overview page for the Challenger’s Games you can click here or access it via the sidebar on the right (PC) or at the bottom of the page (mobile).

Creating and Joining Teams:

You can find more information about how to create or join a team over here.

You’re required to be in an official Sleekgeek Challenge team in order to take part in the Challenger’s Games and to win weekly prizes.

If you’d rather do it alone, then check out the solo-style Challenger’s Journey instead.

The Tasks:

Each week, teams in the Challenger’s Games are given ONE specific designated task to complete from the Challenger’s Journey.

Team members who complete the designated tasks each week:

  • Score points for their team.
  • Go into an individual lucky draw for a weekly prize.

It is therefore in the teams best interest to try and get many team members to complete the designated task each week as possible.

The designated tasks are:

Here’s an image if you’d like to save it on your phone or print the list out for reference (click for a bigger version):


Each week, team members will need to come to this instructions page and click the link for the appropriate weekly task from the list above.

Team members will need to:

  • Read the instructions for the task
  • Complete the listed action steps, and then
  • Fill in the form at the bottom of the page confirming that they have completed the task.
  • ✅ Remember to select their team from the form drop-down menu.


The weekly tasks correspond with the week number of YOUR 8-week challenge.

This is regardless of what “heat” you’re in. For example:

  • In your first week of the 8-week challenge, you must complete the week 1 task for your team.
  • In your second week of the 8-week challenge, you must complete the week 2 task for your team.
  • In your eighth week of the 8-week challenge, you must complete the week 8 task for your team.

This means that if a team has team members starting in different heats, the team members will be doing different Challenger’s Games tasks to one another because it’s based on their own personal progression through the challenge.

For example:

  • The majority of the team starts in Heat 1.
  • However, 2 people start later in Heat 3.
  • When team members doing Heat 1 are halfway through the challenge (week 4 out of 8), they’ll be doing Week 4 tasks.
  • Those other 2 people will be doing Week 2 tasks during that time (because they’ll be in week 2 out of 8).
  • Remember: Your heat number doesn’t matter. All that matter is what week of the 8-week challenge you’re personally in.

Team members have until midnight on the Sunday of that week to complete their weekly task.

On Monday, all submissions are collated and on Tuesday we’ll announce the weekly lucky draw winners.

Scoring points for your team:

At the end of the challenge (once all 5 heats are finished) we’ll add up all of the team points earned.

There are 4 categories that you can score points for your team in:

  • Average weight loss of all team members.
  • Percentage of team members who finish the 8-week challenge.
  • Bonus points for team members who make it into the top 10 of the Transformation Category results.
  • Percentage of team members who complete the designated weekly Challenger’s Games task.

What about the other Challenger’s Journey Tasks?

Teams only need to complete the ONE designated Challenger’s Journey task each week.

That is all.

Any other Challenger’s Journey task is a bonus and up to the team member if they’d like to do that or not.

So out of the 56 available Challenger’s Journey tasks, teams only need to complete the 8 designated tasks to score points in the Challenger’s Games.

We’ve made it simple and do-able on purpose, as previously teams complained about there being too many tasks that were too time-consuming.

We’d love your feedback at the end of this challenge to let us know if this was better or if we need to add a few more tasks to the week.

What can you win?

For the first 8 weeks of the challenge there will be a weekly bonus draw for ALL team members who tick off the applicable mission corresponding to their relevant week of the challenge.

Anyone in a team who completes a Challenger’s Games designated task in week 1-8 goes into the draw for that week.

Each Monday for the 8 Weeks we will look at all the data and there will be a lucky draw winner which we will announce by the Wednesday of that week.

Prizes range from modest to epic!

For example, 2 prizes that you can expect this challenge are a Smeg Kettle and a NUTRiBULLET!

What prizes are allocated to each week will be a surprise to make things more fun and so that challengers do not cherry-pick the tasks they complete.

Confused? Got questions?

We originally designed the Challenger’s Games to only be available for those starting in Heat 1.

After feedback from the community, we’re allowing challenger’s starting in other heats to take part too.

This does, however, raise a few complications and areas of confusion that we’re trying to iron out as things go along.

We’ve created a Q&A discussion thread in the Challenger’s Games group on Facebook where you can ask any questions about the rules or logistics of the game and we’ll do our best to answer: