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Sleekgeek 21-Day Reboot Instructions & Resources

Congratulations on pledging your commitment to the Sleekgeek Reboot! (If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.)

It’s time to level up!

Start your 21-days as soon as you ready. There is no time like the present!

Step 1: Join the Facebook Support Group

This is where the magic happens!

Join us in the Sleekgeek Reboot Support Group on Facebook and share your journey, get support, and level up your eating habits.

BONUS: When you join the Facebook Support Group you can download in our “Files” section a document with over 30 recipes and 3 x 5 Day Sample plans.

Step 2: Download the Sleekgeek Reboot Food Lists

The Sleekgeek Reboot is built upon 3 different food lists:

  • Green List (eat more):
    • Foods to eat more of and more often.
    • Minimally processed healthy whole foods.
    • Better for you and your goals.
  • Orange List (eat some):
    • Foods to eat sometimes in moderation.
    • Neutral and/or context-dependent foods.
    • Fairly inconsequential for you and your goals.
  • Red List (eat less):
    • Foods to eat less of and less often.
    • Highly processed food-products.
    • Worse for you and your goals.

Download all 3 Food Lists:

Each list represents a continuum of possible food choices that you can choose to incorporate into your diet.

Rather than being all-or-nothing about your diet, trying to eat perfectly or not bothering at all… The goal of the Sleekgeek Reboot is to get you to move along the continuum towards healthier choices.

Step 3: Identify Your Level

Trying to go from eating poorly to eating perfectly overnight almost never works in the long run.

Instead, start where you are and see if you can slowly work your way up from there. Consistency is key.

Small sustainable improvements that are done consistently over time add up to massive results.

Ask Yourself: Thinking back over the past 30 days or so, what level would you estimate you’re on right now? What is your “norm”?

If you can finish the Sleekgeek 21-Day Reboot having moved up even just 1 level then that’s a huge success and you’ve managed to create a new normal for yourself going forwards.

Step 4: Download the Reboot Meal Tracker

Day-by-day, score each meal that you eat on a scale of 1-7 based on the Sleekgeek Reboot Levels listed above.

Then, work out your daily and weekly average.

At the end of your 21-day Reboot, you’ll combine each week’s scores to determine what level you achieved.

Sleekgeek Reboot Meal Tracker

Feel free to note down what you are or any thoughts that you had around your meals. You’re encouraged to post photos of your foods in the Sleekgeek Reboot Support Group on Facebook for accountability.

Step 5: Get Healthy Recipes

Every week we publish a new delicious healthy recipe using almost exclusively foods from the Green List that you want to be eating more of more often.

BONUS: When you join the Facebook Support Group you can download in our “Files” section a document with over 30 recipes and 3 x 5 Day Sample plans.

Step 6: Five Strategies to Improve Your Success Rate

There are 5 strategies that you can use to dramatically improve your success rate on the Sleekgeek Reboot:

  1. Make your own decisions.
  2. Plan ahead.
  3. Design your environment.
  4. Hunger and appetite awareness.
  5. Portion control.

You can read more about each of the 5 strategies here.

Step 7: START!

Every day for 21 days you’ll be tracking each meal that you eat and ranking it according to the Sleekgeek Reboot Levels listed above.

Remember, every choice that you make comes with a set of tradeoffs.

Share your journey and stay accountable.

Challenge yourself to check in for all 21 days and posts consistently in the group.

What’s Next?

If you enjoyed the Sleekgeek Reboot and would like more of this kind of approach to health and fitness, we highly recommend that you check out our paid 21-Day Challenges.