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🥗 The BRAND NEW Sleekgeek 21-Day Reboot Challenge is here!

A (free!) short and focused 21-day challenge designed to help you ditch chronic dieting and build healthier eating habits.

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Sleekgeek 21-Day Reboot

The Sleekgeek Reboot is a short and focused 21-day challenge designed to help you ditch chronic dieting and build healthier eating habits.

At Sleekgeek, we know nutrition can be really confusing…

This is why so many people come into the Sleekgeek community looking for help and the right place to start.

What should they eat? What shouldn’t they eat? How can they lose 10kgs? What do we think of Herbalife or USN shakes? Low-carb or low-gi carb? 9 Meals a day or 1 meal a day? Is fat good or bad for you?

Our own personal experience and the latest scientific research, combined with countless testimonials from within our community has made it clear that one of the best things that people can do is just get back to the basics of eating real food.

Food that is minimally processed, giving us the nutrients we need to thrive and fight off disease.

The Sleekgeek Reboot will help you to:

  • Eat better so that you become healthier, leaner, and more energetic.
  • Improve your relationship with food and put an end to food guilt.
  • Get away from the “all-or-nothing” dieting mindset that causes you to stop, start, and restart all the time.
  • Eat food that you enjoy in a way that works well for your goals.
  • Build the kind of habits that fit and healthy people use to effortlessly live a healthy lifestyle without needing to follow a diet ever again.

The Sleekgeek Reboot will show you just how much processed food has made its way into the modern diet in today’s busy and convenience-driven world.

This has lead to a sub-optimal quality of life for most people and created a heavy reliance on healthcare sickcare medication and stimulants to keep them functioning on a daily basis.

We’re here to help you change all of that!

How the Sleekgeek Reboot Works:

For 21 days, you’ll work on levelling up your nutrition and eating habits.

We’ll give you guidance on what to eat, tips to be more successful, and support every step of the way.

  • BEFORE: At the start of the Reboot, you’ll estimate what Reboot Level you’re currently on (Level 1 to 7).
  • DURING: While doing the Reboot, you’ll track and rank what you ate each day.
  • AFTER: At the end of the Reboot, you’ll add up your scores over the 21 days to see which Reboot Level you managed to achieve.

This is not about eating perfectly. It’s about eating better than before.

You’ll be surprised by how well your body responds to just a few days of making more conscious and better food choices that provide you with the important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you need to function properly.

Best of all, you’ll be able to repeat the Sleekgeek Reboot as many times as you’d like, using it to help you get re-focused or level up at any time.

The Sleekgeek Reboot Food Lists:

The Sleekgeek Reboot is built upon 3 different food lists:

  • Green List (eat more):
    • Foods to eat more of and more often.
    • Minimally processed healthy whole foods.
    • Better for you and your goals.
  • Orange List (eat some):
    • Foods to eat sometimes in moderation.
    • Neutral and/or context-dependent foods.
    • Fairly inconsequential for you and your goals.
  • Red List (eat less):
    • Foods to eat less of and less often.
    • Highly processed food-products.
    • Worse for you and your goals.
(Complete the form below to download your copy of the Sleekgeek Food Lists.)

Move Along The Continuum:

The Sleekgeek Reboot is all about starting where you are now and steadily moving forwards.

Consistency is key.

While popular diet advice is to completely overhaul your unhealthy lifestyle overnight with the perfect diet or plan… This rarely works in the long term, right?

It may start out well, but what happens when life gets messy? When work deadlines appear, when stress levels rise, when kids get sick, when it’s holiday time, when you’re sleep-deprived, when motivation levels are super low?

A realistic and sustainable healthy diet understands that consistency, sustainability, and progress is more important than perfection.

The 3 Sleekgeek Food Lists above represent a continuum of possible choices that you can choose to incorporate into your diet:

The goal of the Sleekgeek Reboot is to get you to move along the continuum towards healthier choices.

We want you to be aiming to eat a diet that consists of:

  • Mostly foods that you should eat more of (green list) because they will make you healthier, leaner, and stronger.
  • Some foods that you should eat in moderation (orange list) because they don’t have much impact either way plus help to make eating healthily more convenient and sustainable.
  • Few foods that you should eat less of (red list) because you still want to enjoy them from time to time without suffering too much of the consequence.

Work With Your Level:

Rather than trying to go from eating poorly to eating perfectly overnight, start where you are and see if you can slowly work your way up from there.

Small sustainable improvements that are done consistently over time add up to massive results.

Use the chart below to roughly estimate your level before starting the Reboot, during the Reboot, and after the Reboot.

Choose Your Tradeoffs:

Every choice that you make comes with a set of pros and cons.

For example:

  • Eating foods on the green list will move you closer towards your goals, but they might be more boring and not as tasty as red list foods.
  • On the other hand, eating foods on the red list might make you feel good in the short term and bring back fond memories, but they’ll move you further away from your goals.

These are called tradeoffs.

It’s kind of like negotiating a deal for your goals.

  • In order to say “yes” to your goal of losing weight, you might need to say “no” to a quick lazy food choice like getting takeaways when you’re tired.
  • When you say “no” to an impulsive craving and being ok with the discomfort might mean that you’re saying “yes” to fueling your body better and having more energy.
  • Or, there might be times where you’re willing to say “yes” to a pizza and wine with friends fully knowing that it means you’re saying “no” to making progress this week.
  • Or saying “no” to an early night so that you can watch move TV, knowing that it means saying “yes” to being more tired, grumpy, and hungry the next day.

For every action, there’s a reaction. A consequence.

It’s entirely up to you.

For the next 21 days, you’re going to be making grown-up choices about how much food from each food list you’d like to eat based where you currently are right now as well as how urgent or important your goals are.

There’s no need to be perfect. We just want you to be more mindful of what you’re consciously saying “yes” to and “no” to with each meal.

Ready to get started?

Sign up below and we’ll send you:

  • The full Green, Orange, and Red Sleekgeek Food Lists.
  • Healthy, tasty recipes to make this journey easier.
  • Your meal tracking and scoring sheet.
  • 3 Strategies to reliably improve your success rate.

Pledge your preferred date to start below but if something comes up and you have to change that then that is ok. No need to notify us.

  • I,
  • Pledge commitment to levelling up my nutrition and eating habits over the next 21 days.

If you’ve already signed up then you can view the Resources Page here.

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