Opportunities For Movement​


Being satisfied with the effort that you put in to seize OFMs.


This habit is about actively seeking and taking advantage of little chances to move throughout the day, turning them into “movement snacks.”


Life is busy, and setting aside time for a full workout isn’t always feasible.

But, Opportunities For Movement (OFM) are everywhere!

By seizing OFMs, you weave physical activity into the fabric of your day, making movement a natural and satisfying part of your routine.

When you’re committed to moving move throughout the day, you start to find these “movement snacks” everywhere you look.


Stay alert for moments where you can opt for movement over convenience or sedentary behaviour.

  • Maybe it’s choosing to take the stairs rather than the escalator or lift.
  • Or parking towards the back of the parking lot and walking a bit further to the shops.
  • Or maybe it’s going for a walking meeting or date rather than sitting in an office or at a coffee shop.
  • Or even, if you’re brave enough, to carry the shopping in with multiple trips rather than all at once.

This habit can be difficult to “track”, so it’s up to you to honestly evaluate whether you feel you put in the extra effort or not.


✅ Be Mindful: Start becoming aware of your daily routine and where OFMs might appear. The more you identify, the easier they become to incorporate.

✅ Pre-commit: If you know you’ll be facing an OFM later (like stairs or an elevator), pre-commit to taking the active option. Decide before you’re even there.

✅ Make it a Game: Challenge yourself to find a specific number of OFMs per day. Could be three, could be ten—set a number that feels achievable yet pushes you a bit.

✅ Use Reminders: Sometimes we need a nudge. Set sporadic reminders on your phone to check-in. It can be as simple as a buzz with the message “Found any OFMs yet?”

✅ Never Miss Twice: Missed an opportunity for movement? Don’t sweat it. The key is to never miss twice. Get back on track as soon as possible to maintain the habit’s momentum.