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BONUS Workouts

Below you'll find a list of optional bonus workouts.

Think of these like "movement snacks".

They ARE NOT intended to be full on workouts and you do not have to do them every single day (or even at all).

They ARE intended to be used as inspiration for moving more on days that you feel like it, especially if your Daily Mission in the 21-Day Movement Challenge is more of a theory-based mission.

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21-Day Movement Challenge Bonus Workouts Calendar v.1.0

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21-Day Movement Challenge Bonus Workouts Calendar v.1.0


We have 4 categories of exercises:

Upper Body:

Jab-Cross Punches
Wall Slides

Lower Body:

Donkey Kicks
Glute Bridges


Side Planks
Renegade Rows
Bird Dogs
Mountain Climbers

Full Body:

Bear Crawls
Star Jumps

We rotate through these 4 categories, putting 3 in each day.

For example:
Day 1 is Upper Body, Lower Body, Core.
Day 2 is Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body.
Day 3 is Core, Full Body, Upper Body.


Exercise Throughout The Day

Doing 50, 40, or even 30 reps of an exercise can sound like a lot, especially if you don't usually exercise.

We recommend that you spread the workout out throughout the 24 hours of your day. Consider them as "movement snacks" instead.

For example, if your workout is to do 50 Squats, you could do them as:
- 1 round of 50 squats (do them all in one go).
- or 5 round of 10 squats throughout the day.
- or 10 rounds of 5 squats throughout the day.
- or 3 rounds of 15, 10, and 25 squats throughout the day.

The more you can build small pieces of exercise and movement throughout your day, the better. It does not have to be confined to 1 small window of activity surrounded by large periods of inactivity.

Make The Exercises Easier or Harder:

What's challenging, healthy, and still realistic for one person can be very different for another.

This is why we give you instructions on how to scale the workout difficulty up or down by doing easier or more difficult variations of each exercise.

Find the exercise too difficult? We'll show you exercise modifications to make it easier and more do-able.

Want more of a challenge? We'll show you exercise modifications to make it harder and more challenging.

How To:

A full list of exercise how to's can be found on this page.

Or click on an exercise below to jump straight to it:

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Donkey Kicks

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Glute Bridges

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Jab-Cross Punches

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Mountain Climbers

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Renegade Rows

We have consulted with personal trainers and exercise specialists while picking these exercises to ensure that they are safe and effective. However, the authors and publishers of this work are neither doctors nor personal trainers or exercise specialists themselves.

The information presented here is not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, or recommendations of professional medical or exercise advice. All content is for general informational purposes only.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries and have at any stage been advised not to exercise, please consult your physician or a qualified fitness professional prior to starting any exercise programme. Always consult a doctor before embarking on an exercise programme if for any reason at all you suspect that you are not able to take part.