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COVID-19 relief fund sponsorship – Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge

? Welcome to the Sleekgeek COVID-19 relief centre where you can sponsor someone in financial need to enter the Sleekgeek 8-Week Transformation Challenge.

You can give back or pay it forward by giving a community member the opportunity to get their health back on track. (Instructions further down the page)

To qualify for this financial aid applicants or their spouses must have lost income or employment as a direct result of Covid-19. (They can apply here)

Some of the people who have been hard hit are in our community and amongst us. Busy picking up the pieces of recent traumas. People who work in sectors that have not been able to operate. Small business owners who could not sustain their businesses or those that have been retrenched.

We want to do something to help these community members who have been financially impacted find their way back to health. 

I have had community members inbox me out of the blue and generously volunteer to sponsor 8-Week Challenge entries for less fortunate Sleekgeeks. The generosity of some people blows me away. 30 entries have been sponsored already. How awesome is that? Sometimes it is the people who have little who are the ones who want to help.  

At the same time I have had people contacting me in desperation because they have lost their livelihoods and need to find their way back to healthy living so that they may recharge and tackle the massive challenges they are facing. 

This is a time for love, compassion and kindness. I have seen this pandemic bring out the best and the absolute worst in people on social media. Sleekgeek fights to be a force for good.

So I came up with the idea of a COVID-19 Relief Fund for Sleekgeeks to enter our 8-Week Challenge. 

I believe that the Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge will give them the purpose, the focus, the tools and the camaraderie to have something positive in their lives again. We want to help those people to find their way back to health again.

Today you can help a fellow Sleekgeek in need by sponsoring an entry for as little as R399. 

A full price entry is valued at R699. If you contribute R399 to sponsor an entry for someone in need then Sleekgeek will contribute the remaining R300 as well as the VAT.  

We will continue to collect donations this week to increase the number of available relief entries.

Hopeful applicants must make a formal application over here where we ask them to do some work as part of their application to show their commitment to the process.

How to make a contribution: 

All you need to do is:

1) Make a direct EFT to our Sleekgeek bank account with the amount of your choice.

1 entry = R399, 2 entries = R798, 10 entries = R3,999 etc.

You can contribute 1 entry or as many as you like.

2) Use the reference “Covid sponsor” when you make your EFT

3) If you want to be acknowledged in public or updated on the distribution of the funds please send an email to saying you have made a contribution. If you wish to remain anonymous you can ignore this step.

Our bank details:

Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62820912120
Branch Code: 200610
Branch Name: Stellenbosch
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
VAT Number: 4910272659

What will happen with your sponsorship?

Thank you for your contribution! We are very grateful.

Candidates will be invited to make application for a sponsored entry by no later than Midnight on Thursday 25 June.

On Friday 26 June we will communicate with the successful applicants before 5pm so that they can receive their Challenge access and start the challenge on Monday 29 June.

We wanted to make sure that people are serous and committed and so we ask applicants to complete a thought-exercise before they can apply. You can read all about that process over here.

Sleekgeek guarantees that each and every sponsored entry will be allocated to someone from the community in need or the help.

If you have the means to help thank you for your kindness, If you are in genuine need please make an application.