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Bonus Buddy Challenge (8-Week Challenge)

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn .

They say that you are who you have coffee with. This is also true of your health and the people you surround yourself with and how they either enable or disable you.

That is why we have a bonus Buddy Challenge as a part of the Sleekgeek 8-Week Transformation Challenge.

The community via Facebook provide incredible support but having a “buddy” each day on the same mission with you drives even more success. The Buddy Challenge is designed to encourage you to activate your friends, family members and colleagues to work together with you for better results.

Enter with your Buddy and not only do you get a massive R600 discount but there is also a BONUS prize for the winning Buddy Team. So you pay R499 each instead of R799 each. – a total of R998. Grab your entry here. 

R10,000 in vouchers for the winning Buddy Team from adidas 

There is an extra R10,000 adidas shopping vouchers up for grabs in it for the winning team pair!

Recent winners!


Most important to understand is that each person will still enter and compete as usual in an individual category and be able to win that individually.

The Buddy Challenge does not replace your individual entry.

But there is a bonus prize if you and your team-mate produce the best overall results!

And it is at NO EXTRA entry cost. All you need to do is indicate when you start your challenge and input your measurements who your chosen partner is. It is a no-brainer really. Right?

You merely indicate your partner or partners names when you input your starting measurements.

Please note! If you are a couple you must enter the dedicated Couples Challenge and you do not qualify for the Buddy Challenge.


  • Teams can be made of any 2 people of any gender across any of the categories.
  • A person may participate in a maximum of 3 BUDDY teams for the competition. So you are free to partner with a few friends, but only on a 1-1 basis. A buddy team can only be 2 people.
  • Your Buddy may participate in ANY Heat number. You do not need to be in the same heat.
  • Couples must enter the Couples challenge. – you cannot be a Buddy if you are someone’s romantic partner.
  • In the case of a dead tie the pot will be split
  • If a team does not have 2 members making the top 10 in their respective category they are not in the running.

A practical example:

  1. Person A and Person B enter the challenge as individuals as per normal competing in Weight-loss or AB Transformation.
  2. Person A and Person B indicate in their START measurement form the name(s) of their team mate(s).
  3. The judges will score a top 10 in each of the individuals categories.
  4. The team of two who has the highest average ranking wins.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.03.54 AM

Here are some more examples of teams who have done well in the past.


Past winners:


We believe very strongly that you need to lead and be an example to progress your own results. Your friends may not be in the right head-space to find a healthier lifestyle but you can take the lead, invite them along for ride and potentially have a profound effect on the future of others.

Be a leader, lead by example and invite others to be their best!