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Brain Dump

Get it out on to paper.


Brain dump before bed.


This habit is all about putting your swirling thoughts to paper before bed, allowing your brain to take a breather. It’s sort of like closing the 50 million open tabs in your web browser.


Have you ever got into bed only to lay awake for hours because you are thinking about your to-do list for the next day?

Or maybe your presentation that’s coming up?

Or what you are going to take to work for lunch?

Or what you will wear?

Or why some people don’t like pineapple on pizza?

Or that embarrassing thing you did 10 years ago?

A great tool for this is to do a “brain dump”.

Racing thoughts can make it hard to relax, especially when you’re trying to fall asleep. A brain dump acts as a release valve, helping you organize your thoughts so you can wind down and sleep better.


Before you get into bed or before you turn off your light, take a few minutes to write down whatever’s bugging you.

Dump it all out on paper.

Emails that you need to send or reply to… Great ideas that you have… Appointments that you have to book… That thing you should have said to someone… Heck, even the lyrics to the song that’s stuck in your head.

The simple act of writing them down and putting them somewhere more permanent can give your brain “permission” to stop obsessing over them and worrying that you’ll forget.


✅ Keep Supplies Handy: Keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand. Make it as easy as possible to jot down your thoughts.

✅ Set a Timer: If you’re prone to getting lost in your thoughts, setting a 2-minute timer can keep you focused and prevent a quick brain dump from turning into an hour-long journaling session.

✅ Don’t Judge: Write down everything, no matter how trivial or bizarre. Now’s not the time to filter; let it all out.

✅ Use Bullet Points: Don’t worry about writing full sentences or lots of details, make it as easy as possible by just jotting down a bullet point list. Some of your points could even just be 1 word long.

✅ Review in the Morning: Take a few moments to review your list when you wake up. Some items may need action, and you’ll start the day with a clearer sense of what to tackle first.