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Active Fun

Enjoy moving more.​


Have fun getting active.


This habit is about making a conscious effort to get active and move more in ways that you find fun and enjoyable so that it’s more sustainable and less like a chore.


If you want to build life-long healthy movement habits, then find ways to make it fun and enjoyable.

For some of you, this may indeed be going to the gym or for a run.

But for others, it might be taking your dogs for a walk and throwing the ball for them.

Or a night of dancing.

Or a walk with friends.

Or playing with your kids.

Or surfing, or golfing, or hiking.

While the health and fitness industry likes to focus on the “most ” or “most effective” workouts, it’s important to acknowledge that people have gotten into GREAT shape in MANY different ways.

Some people run, swim, or cycle, other people lift weights or go to bootcamp classes. Some people do martial arts like karate or tai chi, while others do yoga, pilates, or even just walk and hike a lot.

When you do more of what you enjoy and have fun with it, then it becomes more sustainable.


Look at this habit from two angles.

1) What are your different choices for structured, deliberate physical exercise? These could be things like going to the gym, running, cycling, sports, etc. Regardless of which is most effective, think about which of those you enjoy the most. How can you do more of the ones you enjoy?

2) What are other things that you enjoy that are more active than just sitting or driving around? These could be things like gardening, taking your dog to the beach, walking around the shops, playing with your kids, walking with friends, going out dancing, etc. How could you do more of that?


✅ Keep your hiking boots, frisbee, or yoga mat in plain sight. If you see it, you’re more likely to do it.

✅ Make it social by inviting a friend to join you. This will make it even more enjoyable and also create a social commitment to hold you accountable.

✅ Sometimes it can feel difficult to justify putting aside enough time to “have fun”. Without ruining the fun, consider trying to combine active fun with something you need to do anyway such as listening to an educational podcast while on a walk, or catching up with a friend over a game of tennis.