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‘Take it Forward’ 30km Challenge – Confirmation

Congratulations on registering for the adidas “Take it Forward Challenge” with #teamSleekgeek!

You’re now be eligible to stand a chance of winning a R10,000 adidas shopping voucher.

Whether you run, jog or walk your 30kms, it all counts.

Here’s what happens next:

Step 1:

Download the free adidas Running App for iOS or Android.

This is required in order to log your runs or walks for the challenge.

Step 2:

Open the app and click on the “Community” tab at the bottom.

You should see a section at the top called “Challenges“.

Swipe to view all of the challenges that are currently being run.

Between 5-9 August look for the “Take it Forward” challenge, select it, and then click “Join Challenge“.

Step 3:

Log your activity between 10-31 August using the adidas running app.

NB: You’re welcome to walk, jog, or run, BUT you need to log it as “Running” on the app in order for it to count.

To do that:

  1. Open up the adidas Running App.
  2. Click on the “Activity” tab.
  3. Click “Start Running” to log your run / jog / walk.
  4. Optional: Once done, you’ll be able to share the stats for your activity (and even add a selfie). We’d love to see it in the Sleekgeek Running Group on Facebook or the adidas Runners Facebook page.

If for some reason you’ve changed your type of activity and it’s not set to running, simply click the “Activity Tab” and click on the cogwheel / gear icon on the right. Then click on “Sport Type” at the top and select “Running” from the list.

Step 4:

As an optional extra you are invited to participate in the adidas Runners virtual training program designed specifically for this challenge.

Here is how:

  1. In the adidas Running app click on ‘Community’ at the bottom of the screen. Click on ‘Groups and Communities’ and then ‘Discover adidas Runners’. Search for the adidas Running crew in your city and join. (If you do not have a crew near where you live you can select ‘adidas Runners Cape Town’.)
  2. Using the adidas Running app you can follow your adidas Runners Community Group for training events throughout the challenge.
  3. Also keep an eye out on the adidas Runners Facebook Page for announcements and Live workouts.

Step 5:

IMPORTANT! Once you’ve logged your 30km, you’ll need to click here to complete this form to let us know.

Only people who have logged 30km in the challenge AND completed the form will be entered into the prize draw for the R10,000 voucher.

(You can check your progress during the challenge by clicking “Community”, selecting the “Take it Forward” challenge from the list of challenges at the top, and then looking at the progress bar.)

We also emailed you a link to the completion form for your safekeeping when you signed up.

Bonus points:

Here are some other powerful ways to be part of our community experience.

  1. Once you are registered on the adidas app make sure to join the Sleekgeek Community leaderboard in the adidas running app. (Join by clicking this link from your mobile phone when you have done so)
  2. Join the Sleekgeek Running Group on Facebook and share your journey.
  3. Like the adidas Runners Facebook Page.
  4. Join adidas Runners in your region – it is free!

Have a great challenge!