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De-Stress Challenge Day 5 – Body Scan

🎯 Today’s Mission:

To successfully complete today’s mission:

  • Practice a 5-minute Body Scan.
  • Complete the form at the bottom of the page when done.
The Sleekgeek 21-Day De-Stress Challenge is sponsored by Vitaforce.

💡 More Info:

❓ How to perform a body scan

  1. Find a quiet place where you can practice without interruptions. The time of day or location is your choice.
  2. Get in position. Sit on the floor or in a chair, whatever is comfortable. You can also lay down, as long as you won’t fall asleep. Gently lower your eyes.
  3. Focus on how your body feels. Notice how you are sitting. Feel the weight of your body on the floor or in the chair. Take a few deep breaths.  
  4. Move your attention slowly through the body. Start with your feet and slowly progress up your body — toes, feet, ankles, calves — until you reach the top of your head. At each body part, stop for a few seconds and notice how it feels, whether it is tense, relaxed, tingling or painful. Pay attention to the sensation. If you don’t have any strong sensations, that’s okay — just notice how it feels.
  5. When your attention wanders, notice that and return to the body scan. Your attention will wander, and that’s okay, too. When it does, acknowledge it, and gently bring your attention back to a specific body part. 
  6. Take in your body as a whole. After you have moved through your body piece by piece, whether it was in order or randomly (both are okay), spend a few moments noticing how your entire body feels, as a whole. Take a few more breaths and slowly open your eyes to conclude the meditation. 
  7. Repeat as many times as you want in the time you have allotted.

If you prefer a voice guided process then follow this 4 Minute Body Scan Meditation:

🔗 Connect with your body

We have focussed on our breath so far in this 21-Day Challenge and today we will draw acute attention to the sensations in our body.

Body awareness is a powerful tool that can assist with injury and ailment awareness. Studies have also found that this practice can help people become more self-aware and present, cope with pain, feel more relaxed and less anxious, sleep better, and learn to be less self-critical.

For many of us, stress not only has mental and emotional symptoms, it has physical symptoms too: headaches, back pain, and heartburn are just a few of the stress-related ailments we may experience.

In fact, sometimes we are so caught up in our stress, we don’t even realise our physical discomfort is connected to our emotional state. That’s when a body scan meditation can be particularly useful and effective, allowing us to check in with our bodies.

By scanning yourself from head to toe — many people imagine a laser copier scanning the length of their body — you are bringing awareness to every single part of your body, noticing any aches, pains, tension, or general discomfort. Staying present with and breathing into these sensations can help bring relief to our minds and bodies by evolving our relationship to pain, aches, and discomfort.

A Body Scan is a grounding experience. Often, our body is doing one thing while our mind is elsewhere. A body scan meditation can help to sync our mind and body, pulling us away from the noise in our mind and into the present. Plus, regularly checking in with our body can help us identify aches and pains early on, before they become too serious.

As humans, everything we experience in life passes through the filter of our senses. Developing greater awareness of bodily sensations can help you feel more connected to your physical self and gain greater insight into potential causes of unwanted feelings.

A body scan can help release tension you don’t even realise you are holding in your body, which often comes from stress or anxiety. Wing says if you can learn to recognise your body’s physical signals and sensations, you’ll improve your ability to deal with this anxiety.

A 2019 study of 47 healthy students found that those who listened to a recorded guided body scan had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, after 8 weeks.

➕ Expand your practice

Once you have mastered 5 mins and you see value in this practice please feel free to extend your sessions from 10-20 mins depending on your time and requirements.

There is no need to be perfect and remember that something is always better than nothing.

✅ Mission Accomplished?

Fill in the form below once you’re done to keep track of your progress.

Which day of the challenge have you completed?
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