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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

De-Stress Challenge Day 20 – Environment Design

🎯 Today’s Mission:

To successfully complete today’s mission:

  • Design your environment to set you up for success by doing a stock take.
  • Write a list of 3-5 things you can do in the short-term to help you create a less stressful environment.
  • Complete the form at the bottom of the page when done.

💡 More Info

Whether we like it or not the environment we create around us, consciously or not, will influence our success in certain areas.

Many people believe that they do not have the correct mindset, have no luck, lack willpower or discipline but they have not considered their environment and the impact that it has on them. It is there every minute of every day.

For example lets say you want to lose weight and find that you cannot stop going to the cupboard to snack on pastries in the middle of the night. The first question should be as to why the pastries are there in the first place? Would life not be easier if you did not have them in the house? Maybe your problem is not willpower because most people would struggle in this scenario. If your fridge is filled with all the wrong food how can you expect to succeed.

If your home is always cluttered, untidy and in a mess how can you possibly feel calm and centred?

If stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine heightens your anxiety how can you expect to feel relaxed if you are drinking coffee on the hour?

📋 Taking stock

Today we are going to take a quick stock of your environment and strategise on how to improve it and support your goal to reduce stress and be more relaxed.

As a starting premise let’s assume that your environment encompasses the things, people and media that surrounds you. Anything in your immediate orbit that may influence your behaviour.

  1. Take out that piece of paper or your journal.
  2. In one column list all the environmental factors that you think are making it harder for you to live a stress-free life?
    (Feel free to use the list below as an inspiration to get you thinking on the right track.)
  3. In the 2nd column note down any reasonable changes that you can make to address the problems.
  4. Keep this list to check off the actions that you take as you begin to design your environment into a positive one.

Some examples of environmental factors to consider:

  • Distractions, time management and focus: Are you spending too much time on social media, Whatsapp and procrastinating?
  • Protect your peace: Are you surrounding yourself or associating with toxic people? Are you discussing topics on Facebook that cause you stress and upset?
  • Physical environment: Is your home and workspace promoting tranquility or a sense of chaos?
  • Your schedule: Are you not able to say ‘no’ and constantly overwhelming yourself?
  • What are you consuming? What news, TV and internet content are you consuming. Does it lift you up or pull you down?
  • Smell: Did you know that burning or smelling lavender oils can relieve anxiety. You can also try incense to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Foods: Are you eating a balanced diet rich in whole foods to promote wellbeing or are you compounding your stress with junk food? Eat junk, feel junk.
  • Beverages, drugs and stimulants: What drinks are you consuming? Tons of coffee* and alcohol? Little water? Surviving on red bull? Do you smoke or take harder drugs?

    * Coffee is not evil but caffeine has been shown to be unhelpful to people with anxiety or stress disorder.

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