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De-Stress Challenge Day 18 – Worry Box

🎯 Today’s Mission:

To successfully complete today’s mission:

  • ✅ Make a worry box and deposit your top 3 worries into it.
  • Complete the form at the bottom of the page when done.

💡 More Info

Everyone gets distracted by worries and concerns, but sometimes these worries can spill over, seeping into the fabric of your day. Having a place to contain your worries—quite literally—may help you set them aside so that you can focus on the more pleasurable or meaningful parts of your life. 

Begin by finding or making a worry box. Any box will do. Got an old shoe box? Cardboard box? Large plastic container? Feel free to decorate it too. Though it is not a requirement.

For the purposes of today’s challenge if you do not have a box or container please at least write down your worries to deposit in the ‘virtual box’ and make it a priority to make one.

This is a great exercise for children too, who may find it even more appealing if they can decorate the box as they like and keep it in a special place. 

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to write down two or three of your concerns on slips of paper and place them inside the box. Or if the box is handy, you can write down worries as each crops up and drop your worries into the box throughout the day. 

The worry box allows you to mentally let go of your worries. Once your worries are deposited in the box, try to turn your attention to other matters. 

What you do with your slips of paper is up to you. Some people choose to throw out the notes without reading them again, while others benefit from looking through them periodically before tossing them away. In that case, you may be surprised to find that most of your worrying was fruitless, and that the scenarios you imagined never came to pass. 

You may even try create rituals around this practice. For example if you have a partner perhaps end your day with a relaxing cup of tea while you sit and discuss your worries as you put them in the box. When you are done, put those worries aside for a new day and enjoy a relaxing evening together.

Perhaps you want to make a ritual out of burning them! Of course do not burn down your house because that may cause you more worry lol!

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