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We’ve also put together a list of the best resources on how to build habits from around the Internet:

Benefits of tracking your habits:

  • It’s visible, noticeable, and prompts you to take action every day. Be sure to print out your Sleekgeek Healthy Habit Tracker and put it somewhere that you’ll see it often (mirror, fridge, desk, etc).
  • It’s motivating and encouraging. Progress can take time, so it helps you have a way to immediately see that you’re moving forward towards your goals. As you fill up your Sleekgeek Healthy Habit Tracker with ticks or crosses, you’ll get a clear view of whether you’re doing things that move you forward or not.
  • It holds you accountable. We tend to be really good at remembering the times that we were “good” and really bad at remembering the times that we were “bad”. The Sleekgeek Healthy Habit Tracker gives you a Bird’s-Eye View of your current habits so that you can see what’s actually going on.
  • It’s satisfying. Checking off your habit each day in the Sleekgeek Healthy Habit Tracker feels rewarding and satisfying. You can even take things up a notch by building winning streaks and challenging yourself to tick off as many days in a row as you become more and more consistent.

We recommend that you focus on 1 habit at a time (for at least 2 weeks) before adding another 1 habit (for another 2 weeks). Read more about the power of 1 habit at a time.

If you’re struggling with being consistent, make the habit easier, simpler, and more do-able. If you’re winning for 2 weeks or more, see how you can make the habit more challenging or add more habits to your tracker.

You should choose habits that you can do on a daily basis as repetition and frequency are two of the most important parts of building a new habit.