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The Sleekgeek Reboot is FREE 21-day online challenge to help you ditch chronic dieting, level up your nutrition, and build healthier eating habits.

Let Us Help You:

"Loving the Reboot Lifestyle!!!! My family is too! After having take-aways with a friend over the weekend, my son came home begging for REAL food "
Anuschca Kruger
Community Member
"It has definitely helped me to identify and choose healthier food options. I have the freedom to choose an orange or red list food knowing I can balance it by mainly eating green list foods."
Kat Darvall
Community Moderator
"It has changed how we buy groceries, how we look at food and cook it. We make much better choices and eat healthier. I have consistently lost weight with every Reboot I've done. A total lifestyle change"
Michelle Tonkin Mullin Andre
Community Member

WIN Prizes From Montagu:

Participate in our monthly Group Start and stand to win prizes.

Next Group Start: Monday 13 December 2021

Just for participating in the 21-Day Reboot you stand a chance to win a Montagu Pantry Box filled with raw and nutritious goodies delivered to your home anywhere in SA.

"What Should I Eat?"

At Sleekgeek, we know nutrition can be really confusing...

This is why so many people come into the Sleekgeek community looking for help and the right place to start.

What should they eat?
What shouldn’t they eat?
How can they lose 10kgs?
What do we think of Herbalife or USN shakes?
Low-carb or low-gi carb?
9 Meals a day or 1 meal a day?
Is fat good or bad for you?

We get asked these questions a LOT!

Our own personal experience and the latest scientific research, combined with countless testimonials from within our community and coaching program has made it clear that one of the best things that people can do is just get back to the basics of eating real food.

Food that is minimally processed, giving us the nutrients we need to thrive and fight off disease.

The Sleekgeek Reboot is here to help you with that.

How The Reboot Works:

For 21 days, you’ll work on levelling up your nutrition and eating habits.

We’ll give you guidance on what to eat, tips to be more successful, and support every step of the way.

This is not about eating perfectly. It’s about eating better than before.

You’ll be surprised by how well your body responds to just a few days of making more conscious and better food choices that provide you with the important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you need to function properly.

Best of all, you’ll be able to repeat the Sleekgeek Reboot as many times as you’d like, using it to help you get re-focused or level up at any time.

The Reboot Food Lists:

The Sleekgeek Reboot is built upon 3 different food lists:

Green List (eat more):

Foods to eat more of and more often.

Minimally processed healthy whole foods.

Better for you and your goals.

Sleekgeek Reboot GREEN List - 2020-12-29
Sleekgeek Reboot Orange List - 2020-12-29

Orange List (eat some):

Foods to eat sometimes in moderation.

Neutral and/or context-dependent foods.

Fairly inconsequential for you and your goals.

Red List (eat less):

Foods to eat less of and less often.

Highly processed food-products.

Worse for you and your goals.

Sleekgeek Reboot Red List - 2020-12-29

Why Whole Foods?

Whole foods are more nutrient-dense, more filling, harder to over-consume, contain fewer calories and provide more health-promoting nutrients.

Eat more minimally-processed foods will:

What 'Rebooters' say:

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