No Complaints

Get busy getting better.​


No complaints.


This habit is about reducing the frequency and intensity of your complaints, steering you toward a more positive and solution-oriented mindset.


Champions never complain, they are too busy getting better.” – John Wooden.

Complaining is a natural part of coping with and communicating our frustration or dissatisfaction.

In small doses, it can be helpful, but when done too often or too frequently it can create a cloud of negativity that follows you everywhere. Not fun for you or those around you.

Making an effort to consciously minimise complaints can help foster a more positive environment around you and also redirect your energy toward actionable solutions.


We encourage you to take a break from complaining by:

  • Avoid complaining about things that you have no control over (e.g. the things someone did in traffic or the weather outside).
  • Become more solution-oriented and focus on finding a solution to the problem rather than ruminating on the negativity of it.
  • When someone asks you how you’re doing or your opinion on something, focus more on communicating the good rather than the bad.
  • Reserve your complaints for when you’re genuinely trying to communicate a problem in order to achieve a result rather than just for the sake of complaining.

If you do feel the need to complain for the sake of venting negative emotions, consider writing them down in a journal rather than airing them to the world around you.

Remember, less time and energy spent complaining means more time and energy to dedicate towards getting better.


✅ Identify Triggers: Pinpoint specific situations or people that trigger your urge to complain. Once you know your triggers, you can prepare for them or avoid them altogether.

✅ Solution Mindset: When faced with a challenge, instead of complaining, ask yourself, “What can I do to make this better?” Act on that.

✅ Positive Language: Change the way you answer when someone asks, “How are you?” Instead of diving into the bad, focus on the good or frame challenges as opportunities.

✅ Use a ‘Complaint Jar’: Every time you complain, toss a coin into a jar. The physical act makes you aware, and the jar serves as a visible reminder of your habit.

✅ Vent Wisely: If you need to get negative emotions off your chest, consider journaling or speaking to a trusted friend who knows you’re just venting and not falling into a negative spiral.