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Movement Challenge Day 15 – Progress, Not Perfection

🎯 Today’s Mission:

To successfully complete today’s mission:

  • ✅ Choose progress (no matter how small) rather than trying to be perfect.
  • ✅ Write down, in your Movement Journal, a time when you had a plan and something went wrong, so and rather than getting right back on track you instead threw it all away until you could restart the next week, or next month, or next year… Below that, write down what could you have done differently.
  • Complete the form at the bottom of the page when done.

💡 More Info:

You get a flat tyre on your car while driving, what do you do?

  • Option A: Change the tyre (either by yourself or with help) so that you can keep on going.
  • Option B: Go slash the other 3 perfectly fine tyres too because the first flat ruined everything.

Option A, right?


But why do most people choose Option B when it comes to their health and fitness?!

  • They have one bad meal on Friday night, then decide because their “perfect” diet is ruined that they’re going to go and eat whatever they want for the rest of the weekend before starting again on Monday.
  • Or they skip one workout on Monday, which means their “perfect” workout routine is ruined and they might as well not do anything until Monday when they can start again from scratch.

Think about the flat tyre analogy…

They’re simply getting a flat in 1 tyre (meal / workout) and then slashing the other 3 tyres (meals / workouts) unnecessarily!

🛠️ Fix It and Keep Going!

What happens if you rather got out the spare tyre or called for help so that you can keep on going?

  • What if you had a bad meal, but then the very next meal you made sure was a great one again?
  • What if you missed a workout, but then you did your best to get some exercise in at the very next opportunity?

You do NOT need to be perfect in order to be successful.

But you do have to keep on moving forward.

Even the most successful people screw up from time-to-time, but they always find a way to get back on track ASAP without making the situation any worse than it needs to be.

✔️ Progress, Not ❌ Perfection:

Many times when people think about how they can improve their exercise, or diet, or sleep, or mindset, they think about trying to be perfect.

They think about “best case scenario” and “perfect dream world conditions”.

They might rate themselves as a 3/10 when it comes to their health and fitness, so they then try to make themselves a 9/10 or even 10/10.

Often they try to do this overnight too.

  • They go from eating junk food all day to trying to follow a super strict nutrition plan.
  • Or they go from being a couch potato to trying to train like a bodybuilder or athlete who has been doing this for decades.

What if, rather than trying to make a massive jump from where you are right now to where you want to be, you rather took one step forwards in the right direction?

What if you just moved from a 3/10 to a 4/10?

And then once you’ve managed to be consistent at that for a while, you progressed to a 5/10?

Again, you do not have to be perfect in order to be successful. You just need to make progress consistently over time.

✅ Mission Accomplished?

Fill in the form below once you’re done to keep track of your progress.

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