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🏃‍♀️ Learn to run your first 5km - more info.

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Merchants “Office Metamorphosis” – FAQ

Hi everyone,

If you were not at the presentation or may have missed a detail here are some common questions and answers for you.

How many categories are there?

There are 4 categories:

  • Men’s Weight-loss
  • Ladies Weight-loss
  • Men’s A-B Transformation
  • Ladies Transformation

Does it matter which category I select?

It does not. The judges will score your performance on its merits.

So you may select Weight-Loss in the sign up process but excel in A-B Transformation.

Therefore no need to over-think it!

What can I win?

  • Category Winners = R5,000 cash
  • Category runner-up = R2,000 cash
  • Winning “Buddy” team = R2,000 per member
  • Most improved Push-up = R1,000 Reebok Voucher
  • Most improved Plank hold = R1,000 Reebok Voucher


How do I qualify to win a prize?

To stand a chance to take home a prize you must:

  • Be a paid an signed up Challenger
  • Compete ALL the “Checkin” stages of the Challenge


How does the Buddy Challenge work?

Each person enters as an individual Challenger.

When you Start the challenge and enter your Start measurements on June 17, you will nominate 2 other “buddies” from the Merchants team.

The “Buddy” team who on aggregate produce the best result will win an extra R2,000 cash each.

This is not compulsory and you are free to go it alone.


How does measurement work?

You will submit your own measurements at the beginning and end of the Challenge as well as in weeks 4 and 6 as updates.

Measurements are weight on the scale and tape measurements.

To complete the process you will require a tape measure, a scale and a helper.


 What is the judging criteria?


  • A  panel of skilled judges will select winners based on a qualitative and quantitative assessment.
  • A percentage of score will be based on the photos and self-measurements submitted by an individual, a percentage on the journey a person has taken to reach their goals as well as the quality of the entry data.
  • “Weight loss” is judged primarily by Kg’s on the scale.
  • “Transformation” is judged by a person’s progress and change from their Start point “A” to end point “B”. The journey and approach to achieving this goal will also be considered.
  • Judges decisions are absolutely final.


 How do the “Check-ins” work?

To help you keep your head in the game and stay on track there are some “Checkins” that need to be completed by each challenger.

Reminders and instructions will be issued for updates at the following milestones.

  • End Week 2
  • End Week 4
  • End Week 6


What are the training plans?

The various “SleekGeek Training” Plans have been developed at different levels for people who do not know where to start, or need to change things up in their gym routine, or do not have access to a gym or equipment.

As a result we have created 5 Plans for you to access freely if you enter the Challenge.

  • Weight loss (level 1)
  • Weight loss (level 2)
  • Toning (level 1)
  • Toning (level 2)
  • Anywhere plan (level 1) – designed especially to be done anywhere with no equipment.

All plans are also designed with both men and women in mind.

The plans encourage women to do some weight work which we believe is a key building block to a toned body and an aid to weight-loss.


How do the Eating plans work?

Developed by a Registered dietician for us we have 3 core plans:

  • Good Carb plan
  • Low Carb plan
  • Paleo Plan

Each of these plans comes in body weight variations to adjust for quantities.

Each plan is also accompanied by shopping lists, info guides and some recipes to get you started.


When will I get my Eating plans, training plans etc?

As per the Key dates when entries are closed all challengers who are paid and signed up will receive on 10 June:

  • Eating plans
  • Training plans
  • Reebok shoe discount voucher
  • Link to the Merchants Facebook Challenge group


How does the Reebok voucher work?

Reebok is giving you R500 off any pair of Zigtech and ReeFlex which usually retails for R999. And you get free delivery nogal.

You will receive YOUR voucher code after sign-up is complete.

You are free to use this voucher as you wish.  Pass on the discount to your family, friends as a gift if you don’t need.

Note that this offer expires 19 August  and may only be used in the ONLINE STORE,


Key dates?

Picture 1512






How can I get more  involved with Sleekgeek social media Channels?

  • Join the Main Sleekgeek Facebook Group [Join]
  • Like the Sleekgeek Facebook Fan Page [Like]
  • Follow Sleekgeek on Twitter [Follow]



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