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Sleekgeek LIVE Schedule

Schedule summary for 27 April – 01 May:

MONChris Oman
Benine Christie
Pregnancy and Post Natal
Regan Christmas
Intro do Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba
TUETamarin Lopes
Jane Kilian
Lee van Vuren
WEDCeleste Venter
Pilates (10-10:30am)
Adrian Galliard
Strength and Tone
Steve Mac
Bodyweight and Resistance Band Strength
THUJonno Proudfoot
The Perfect Steak
Sharon Jessop
Ashley Galliard
High-Intensity Bodyweight Circuit
FRIShona Swanepoel
Craig Brown
Philippa Smit

Monday 27th April:

More about Chris Oman (9am):

  • Chris is the General Manager and Head Coach of Cape CrossFit in Cape Town.
  • He’s a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer amongst numerous other qualifications and was also deemed third fittest man in Africa in 2011 and 2012!
  • He’ll be taking you through an at-home CrossFit for beginners class.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Benine Christie (1pm):

  • Benine is the owner of BEFIT, a ladies fitness studio in Cape Town.
  • She’s a qualified personal trainer, an exercise specialist for pregnancy and postnatal women, as well as a qualified Pilates, yoga, aerobics, and step instructor.
  • She’ll be taking you through a pregnant and postnatal moms full-body, low-impact cardiovascular and bodyweight resistance workout.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Regan Christmas (4pm):

  • Regan is the founder of the Afro-Latin dance studio, Paradiso Academy, in Cape Town.
  • Much more than just a dance studio, he’s created a community space where non-dancers and dancers alike may make new lasting, quality relationships with incredible people. He specializes in two left-footed, rhythmless people, quickly turning them into more confident; happier people.
  • He’ll be teaching an introduction lesson to Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba.
  • Watch the replay here:

Tuesday 28th of April:

More about Tamarin Lopes (9am):

  • Tamarin Lopes is the owner of the Fierce Fitness personal training and fitness studio in Johannesburg South.
  • She’ll be doing a bootcamp / circuit style workout using bodyweight and dumbbells if you have or waterbottles if you don’t.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Jane Kilian (1pm):

  • Jane Kilian, aka Gi Jane, has always been about self-love and created Unselfishly Me to be able to share what she’s learned and how you can learn to love yourself more too.
  • She’ll be giving you tips on how you can break down your negative self-talk and be kinder to yourself every day.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Lee van Vuren (4pm):

  • Lee van Vuren is the co-owner of Ignify CrossFit in Fourways, Johannesburg.
  • She’ll be doing a high-intensity functional training class – equipment optional.
  • Watch the replay here:

Wednesday 29th of April:

More about Celeste Venter (10 am):

  • Celeste Venter is a Pilates instructor, Lyno practitioner, mother, wife, and entrepreneur.
  • She’ll be taking you through a Pilates session to help you move with ease in your daily life and perform at your personal best.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Adrian Galliard (1 pm):

  • Adrian Galliard is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach.
  • He’s been in business with his brother Ashley for 20 years, running an exclusive one-on-one boutique gym in Johannesburg called GFit.
  • Adrian has worked with a diverse range of clients ranging from people aspiring to lose weight, to top sports men and women.
  • He’ll be taking you through an at-home strength and tone workout.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Steve Mac (4 pm):

  • Steve Mac is a strength and conditioning specialist with 22 years of experience, well known for being the 2007 World Champion Springboks ruby team strength coach.
  • He also works closely with adidas ZA alongside Sleekgeek.
  • He’ll be taking you through a home strength workout using just your bodyweight and any resistance bands that you have. He’ll also chat about basic strength training principles needed for an effective workout.
  • Watch the replay here:

Thursday 30th of April:

More about Jonno Proudfoot (9 am):

  • Jonno Proudfood is the CEO of Real Meal Revolution and bestselling author of The Real Meal Revolution, Raising Superheroes, and Real Meal Revolution 2.0.
  • Jonno spent his early career as a professional chef, cooking in top-rated restaurants. As founder and CEO of Real Meal Revolution, it is Jonno’s goal to give power to 100 Million people through food by 28 February 2025.
  • He’ll be talking to you about STEAK! The best steak to buy and why. Then he’ll give a lesson on how to cook it.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Sharon Jessop (1 pm):

  • Sharon is the owner of Iron Angels, an intimate boutique style fitness training studio for ladies only.
  • She’ll be doing a classic bodyweight bootcamp workout for all fitness levels.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Ashley Galliard (4 pm):

  • Ashley Galliard is the owner of Ashley G Coaching and GFit.
  • He’s a strength and conditioning specialist as well as an online nutrition coach who’s written plans for the Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge and coached many Sleekgeeks with great success.
  • He’ll be doing a ~20 minute live class with a core strength and mobility warm-up, followed by a high-intensity bodyweight circuit for beginner to intermediate level.
  • Watch the replay here:

Friday 1st of May:

More about Shona Swanepoel (9 am):

  • Shona Swanepoel the founder of Cygnus Pilates Studio in Benoni.
  • She’s a BASI certified Pilates instructor who has been instructing since 2013.
  • She’ll be doing a beginners level mat class with no props. Feel free to bring a mat or soft carpet.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Craig Brown (1 pm):

  • Craig Brown is the head coach at CSB Body Fusion as a performance nutritionist and trainer.
  • He’s written plans for the Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge and coached Sleekgeek Founder Elan for several years.
  • He’ll be doing a live Q&A session about all things nutrition, exercise, and health.
  • Watch the replay here:

More about Philippa Smit (4 pm):

  • Philippa Smit is a BalletRip instructor at Fusion Fitness and also a qualified yoga teacher.
  • She’ll be doing a BalletRip / Yoga infused class – a full-body workout.
  • It’s a fusion of Ballet, dance combined with Yoga and Pilates. The class doesn’t just tone up your body and get your fitness levels up it also focuses on improving core strength, posture, balance and coordination, body conditioning, and helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Watch the replay here:

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