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Good ideas in = good ideas out.​


10+ mins of learning.


This habit is about making an effort to nourish your mind, grow your knowledge, and guide your mental focus.


Quite simply, good ideas in = good ideas out.

The information that you consume and the thoughts that you have as a result deeply shape your beliefs and how you see the world. Your beliefs and perceptions then shape your actions, for better or worse.

A little bit of daily learning not only equips you with new insights and ideas, but it also plays a pivotal role in crafting a more inspired and positive life.


The purpose of this habit is less about “studying” and more about seeking out exposing yourself to thoughtful ideas on a daily basis.

This could come in the form of a physical book (recommended), ebooks, podcasts, documentaries, online courses, having meaningful conversations, etc.

The medium matters less; the commitment to absorbing thoughtful content matters more. Make it a dedicated moment of focus and intention in your day.


Stay Curious: Allow your interests to guide your learning journey. Dive into topics that pique your curiosity so that this habit is easier and more rewarding.

Start Small: You don’t need to finish a book in a day. Even just 10 minutes of focused learning can make a difference.

Diverse Sources: Switch between various learning mediums. Monday could be a podcast, Tuesday a chapter from a book, Wednesday could be a conversation with a wise friend or mentor, and so on.

Make It a Ritual: Pair your learning habit with another daily routine, like your morning coffee or evening wind-down.

No Multitasking: When you’re learning, be all in. Give the content the undivided attention it deserves.

Discuss & Reflect: Share what you’ve learned with a friend or jot down your thoughts. It’ll help reinforce the information.