An attitude of gratitude.​


List 3-5 Things that you’re grateful for.


This habit is about a deliberate focus on recognising and cherishing the good stuff in life.


Science has proven that gratitude can have a powerful impact on happiness.

Every single day, you get to wake up and decide what you’re going to focus on.

This is not necessarily about whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist – rather, it’s about what are you deliberately seeking out.

Are you keeping physical or mental lists of all the things that go well?

Or are you keeping lists of all the things that go badly and ruminating on them?

Those who live the wealthiest and most luxurious lives can still be miserable and discontent. Similarly, those who live the poorest and harshest lives can still be happy and appreciative.

This is the art of gratitude.


Each day, dedicate a moment to acknowledge the good in your life.

This can be through mental reflections, jotting down in a gratitude journal, or even verbal affirmations. Choose the method that feels most authentic to you.

Remember, the wealth of your life isn’t always in material assets; sometimes, it’s in your perspective and experience.


Shift Your Lens: When faced with challenges, ask, “What can this teach me?” or “How can I grow from this?”

Digital Detox: Spend less time comparing your life on social media and more time cherishing your real-life moments.

Express Yourself: Share your gratitude. Compliment someone. Tell them you appreciate them. It’ll amplify your own feelings of gratitude.

The Gratitude Walk: Take a walk and identify as many positive things as you can. It could be a smiling stranger, a blooming flower, or the scent of fresh air.

Remember, It’s a Choice: Every situation has a silver lining. It’s up to you whether you choose to see it or not.